America’s 21st. Century Founding Father!

America’s 21st. Century Founding Father!

Dear Friends,

In spite of my political fears about our then new President Obama, I had hoped he would make America proud as our first African-American President. Thus proclaiming to all “race-baiters”, our liberal media and the world…just what his Presidency had confirmed: It is a nasty myth that modern America is a racist nation.

Obama’s election to our Presidency proved that America is not a racist nation. Of course there is a minority who dislike, or even hate, because of the ethnicity of others. While this is an ugly fact, who can identify a place in the world where this is not true?

I think that the most important question about this matter is: Can we find  any other predominantly white nation that has ever elected a black leader?

President Obama has failed to bring lasting pride to America and he has failed miserably in his role as President of the United States. To understand this, one must know understand our history, our founding values and morals, and they must be willing to admit that America has fallen into a precipitous decline because we have failed to transmit these essential features to our citizens. 

President Obama has simply accelerated our steady decline because of his dishonest and deceitful character and because of his anti-American actions.

He has not failed because of his race!

America has a chance to do it right this time. I wish we could once again elect a black American to our Presidency. This would be a good thing to do.

But, this time let it be someone who reflects America’s traditional values from their core!

Sadly, I worry that our political system is now so corrupted that a “common man or woman”…a true patriot who bravely speaks the truth to liars, can no longer win the Presidency.

I fear that without some catastrophic event that resets our civil and political ethos and brings us crawling back to our Founding Principles we have lost Constitutional Republic. And as a result, our political leaders will continue to be the puppets of clandestine special interests, “royal” oligarchic families (i.e., Bush/Clinton), domestic and foreign big money, and socialist/communist/Islamic political insurgents.

I dearly hope I am wrong about these last concerns.

I will now beg you to take a few minutes to think about the words, accomplishments, and personal goals of a true American patriot…a wonderful candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/1/12

Many thanks to Vic Palenske for sending this video to me.

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4 Responses to “America’s 21st. Century Founding Father!”

  1. Gordon Bingham Says:

    Nice summary of our current situation with race relations and politics. In addition to Ben Carson, keep your eye on Tim Scott from Charleston. He is the first Republican African American Senator from the South. I have been a supporter of Tim as he progressed from City Councilman to the House of Representative to his current U.S. Senate seat. His humble beginnings, raised by a single mother, coupled with his conservative philosophy prove your words regarding Obama’s legacy as not being racially derived. Here is a good profile of Tim:


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thank you Gordy. It is great to hear from you! I do not know of Tim Scott, but I will certainly pay attention to him, based upon your recommendation. I have blogged on the topic of liberal/progressive politics damaging America’s African-American citizens. You might search my site (upper right of page) if you have interest in this topic. My adopted school of psychology is Behaviorism (Influenced most by the writings of B. F. Skinner sort), though I am also a pragmatic eclectic in my later years. The conservatives that I know are not “racists”, they are behaviorists to the extent that they understand the effects of reward systems on behavior. They know better than to reward helplessness and other self-and-culture defeating behaviors. We want opportunity for all races, we want to cultivate among our citizens the behavior patters that made this nation great. President Regan was spot-on. Warm Regards, Tom


  2. Jim Kanning Says:

    Tom, have enjoyed (if that is the correct term) your recent posts. Certainly Ben Carson is a stand-up candidate. He will be speaking in Louisville, KY, this Saturday.

    I came across this video that has given me much hope for the future of our American youth. I think you will enjoy it as well. These are Indiana youth competing at a speech contest. If this link doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll send it again.

    Great job today, RHETORIC group speakers!

    Click the link below (or paste it into your browser) to see the 6-minute video: Instead of clicking play, select the Download button and choose the file size you want. Wait just a few minutes and you should be good to go.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Jim. Ben Carson would be a wonderful candidate. I think if the Republican Party put him forward, he would win hands down. He speaks with a sweet and humble wisdom that radiates intelligence. I have told the Republican Party reps. that call my home for money that they will not get a penny until they put forward a true conservative…I suggest a Jeffersonian conservative and I think that Ben Carson may just fit that bill and also be the one that can start to turn America around. I do not think that legislative experience is as important as the wisdom to surround one’s self with great advisers and then to listen to them with wisdom and the courage to act in the ways needed to strengthen America. Best wishes to you and wonderful lovely family. Tom


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