The Seeds of America’s Destruction

The Seeds of America’s Destruction

As Francis Fukuyama (2006) has reminded us: “let us accept the Hegelian-Marxist thesis that past history has proceeded dialectically, or through a process of contradiction, leaving aside for the time being the question of whether the dialect has an ideal or material basis. That is, a certain form of socio-political organization arises in some part of the world, but contains its own internal contradiction which over time leads to its own undermining and replacement by a different and more successful one.

It appears to be true that each socio-political form of government including our own Constitutional Republic, carries with it its own unique seeds of destruction. From a broad historical perspective, these inherent weaknesses often combine with outside forces of attack or natural disasters to bring them down. Such “undermining and replacement” does not always directly lead to a more successful socio-political entity, however.

F. A Hayek (1944), attempted to warn the world about one kind of transformational force in socio-cultural evolution and revolution. Hayek after experiencing the effects of so-called “social democracy”, Totalitarianism and Fascism in Europe, wrote a definitive book on these matters and on free society. The title of the book was The Road To Serfdom. In his introduction to this book, Republished in 2007, Bruce Caldwell summarized its essence most succinctly: “the actual implementation of a centrally planned society would be inimical to liberty” (p.33).

 Hayek observed that socialism inevitably led to the loss of liberty for the citizens so governed. He asserted that they were seduced by their fervent desires for security to give up their individual freedoms, in various gradations, only to find to their horror that they had come close control of their inept, inefficient, and dictatorial State cultural planners.

 “That democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is not only unachievable, but that to strive for it produces something so utterly different that few of those who now wish it would be prepared to accept the consequences, many will not believe until the connection has been laid bare in all its aspects” (p. 82).

 Some may wonder what Hayek meant when he talked about the “consequences” that must be “laid bare” before well-intentioned socialists will believe it. A stunning contemporary example is emerging in America’s current President Obama who promised his followers that he would “Transform America!”. An analysis of his personal history strongly suggests that this transformation is a perfect example of what Hayek was trying to warn everyone about.

 Indeed, President Obama’s most intimate associations, from childhood till now have been socialists, communists and revolutionaries. Frank Marshal Davis, his own Father, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and Alice Palmer are only several of the many documented. Also documented is his discipleship with Saul Alinsky methods (author of Rules for Radicals) and radical preacher Jeremiah (“God Damn America”) Wright. Do not forget his intimate association with ACORN, a socialist political action front group.

There is much more evidence that could be marshaled to document President Obama’s Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Islamic associations and influences, but what I have provided are sufficient examples for now.

 Though I must call for his impeachment, my attack is not against President Obama, the person, and it is certainly not against his ethnicity. The impeachable offence is his political occult philosophy and his predictably dishonest actions furthering the rise of a Marxist-based socialism in America against the will of the majority of citizens.

What is of the greatest immediate importance to recognize are the predictable “consequences”, “laid bare”. To fail in this is will be to fail to heed F. A. Hayek’s warnings about socialism with great and tragic consequences for all citizens of America.

Stay tuned for more of this….

VTM, 11/16/13

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2 Responses to “The Seeds of America’s Destruction”

  1. Donald Anthony Joers Says:

    Glad to find some one who knows what is going on. I was feeling I was almost alone in my beliefs about what is happening in America. People just don’t believe me. Some in my family eyes have been open. Can you do a blog on unions are socialism?


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      Thanks so much for the supportive words. I would like you to please send my blog URL to all who you are trying to wake-up…I too am on a mission. It appears that I am on your mission! God Bless.

      P.S., There are some holes in my knowledge-base and the relationship between unions-socialism-liberality-progressivism-Marxism, etc., is on of them. Of course the working class rising up to fight against the capitalists is an original theme. I’ll see what I can do at some point in the future for you.

      Warm Regards and come back soon. Tom Mawhinney


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