President Obama not “Stupid”: He’s A Marxist Revolutionary!

President Obama not “Stupid”: He’s A Marxist Revolutionary!

The following excerpt is from the full transcript of President Obama’s Press conference today during his explanation and apology for the Obamacare health care debacle that he is fully responsible for.

If you are interested, you can read the transcript in its entirety below. However, It is long and unnecessary to understanding the main points of this blog. You may wish to skip it and go directly to Major Garrett and President Obama’s quotes directly below.


Major Garrett.

Q: Thank you, Mr. President. You said, while the law was being debated, ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’. You said, after the law was implemented or signed, ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’. Americans believed you, sir, when you said that to them over and over.

Do you not believe, sir, the American people deserve a deeper, more transparent accountability from you as to why you said that over and over when your own statistics published in the Federal Register alerted your policy staff — and, I presume, you — to the fact that millions of Americans would in fact probably fall into the very gap you’re trying to administratively fix now? That’s one question.

Second question. (Laughter.) You were informed or several people in this building were informed two weeks before the launch of the website that it was failing the most basic tests internally; and yet a decision was made to launch the website on October 1st. Did you, sir, make that test (sic)? And if so, did you regret that?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as — the way it was supposed to. Had I been informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough  (emphasis added by me) to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity, a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work.


My thoughts.

Mr. President, nice try. I would never question your intelligence, nor would the information-deficit mesmerized population that voted for you (not once, but twice), or the surreptitious Marxist-socialists who helped railroad you into power.

Nor will I question your honesty. Why would I bother to “question” your honesty when I am convinced that you are the most dishonest President in the history of the U.S.. Furthermore, I am convinced that you goals are to destroy  our family traditions, Judeo/Christian religious influences, and the strength of our middle class, our military, our Capitalistic economy, and our Constitutional Republic.

I believe, based upon strong evidence, that you have dedicated your life, not to govern effectively, honestly and openly as you promised over and over again. Rather you have dedicated every last fiber of your being to “transforming” America into a Socialist Leviathan prepared to take its “egalitarian” place within a New Socialist World Order.

People, to protect yourselves and America, do no not listen to what Obama says. Watch what Obama does! He is a Marxist/socialist revolutionary and his chronic lies and deceptions, while telling “the people” what they want to hear are at the core of their nefarious strategies.

America: Read Robert Bork’s (1996), Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline. Then for the bigger picture, Read Robert Chandler’s (2008) book,  Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam. 

Wake-up America!

VTM, 11/15/13

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