Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Communism

 Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Communism.

The simple fact is that many of our voting citizens do not know the difference between one of the world’s most totalitarian, murderous and inhumane forms of government ever and American democratic “progressivism” (i.e., radical liberalism).

Of course, this would not be a problem…If they were not inclined to vote for democratic.

See below for a snoot-full of reality.

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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One Response to “Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Communism”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    You get it Moe,I get it,sure doesn’t take a brain surgeon,yet so many of the elite intelligentsia never mention “Communism”-the most vicious form of gov’t ever.


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