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Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: With Laughs! #4

June 27, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: With Laughs! #4








Laugh Therapy with Dr. Tom, #2

May 31, 2018

Laugh Therapy with Dr. Tom, #2








Why Trump Snubbed the Correspondent’s Dinner

April 30, 2018

Why Trump Snubbed the Correspondent’s Dinner.

Maybe I am just and old-fogy.

But a nightmarish medusa, at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner; a truly dirty woman, repeatedly slandered Trump and members of his administration.

This was a terrifying bill-board advertisement for the methods of secular-leftist-radical-liberal “progressives”; and so were the happily applauding moneys who now call themselves journalists.

I thought to characterize the insulting female speaker, with whose name I will not mar my blog, as profane.

But, calling this individual profane would be like calling a cow-plop a pile of blended hay.

So I will characterize this woman-from-hell’s presentation as: vulgar, foul, crude, indecent, filthy, pornographic, smutty and as slutty as she was.

I will probably be condemned as judgmental (noting the decline in America’s standards of morality) but, I believe that justice would best be served by President Trump suing this imitation of a “lady” (verses “gentleman”) for slander.

I would personally be overjoyed!

Patriots must watch this video in its entirety to appreciate the morally depraved nature of both the speaker and the many who happily applauded this debacle at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

You absolutely must see the entire video below to grasp the true nature of just one Deep State sector of America’s Great Undoing.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/30/18

Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy: David Gilmour

April 28, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Music Therapy: David Gilmour.

Many of my blogs are a little “heavy”. Even I need a little relief from all of that from time to time. This  is one way I get it!

The only thing heavy here is the music.

Most will never understand how difficult this is unless they have tried to learn something on the guitar. David Gilmour is a musical master guitar genius, still playing in his  golden years.

Turn up your speakers! Don’t miss soaring with Gilmour’s guitar.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/28/18



Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Democrats

April 27, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Democrats.

A vote for today’s Democrats is a vote for radical socialism and the destruction of America. 

Every American patriot republican, democrat, libertarian, independent and undecided must read the short article below.

To fail to perceive this reality and to vote democratic is to betray America’s founding ideals.

See for yourself!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  4/27/18


Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Communism

April 27, 2018

 Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy: Communism.

The simple fact is that many of our voting citizens do not know the difference between one of the world’s most totalitarian, murderous and inhumane forms of government ever and American democratic “progressivism” (i.e., radical liberalism).

Of course, this would not be a problem…If they were not inclined to vote for democratic.

See below for a snoot-full of reality.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


Reality Testing with Dr. Tom: The Deep State

April 22, 2018

Reality Testing with Dr. Tom: The Deep State.

I just finished reading “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump”, by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.

It appears to me to provide a pretty thorough job of connecting the documented events (“dots”) of the Deep State’s attempts to terminate the Trump Presidency. 

It also provides other historical examples of Deep State or, Shadow Government influences. The author concludes that if the termination of the Trump Presidency cannot be done by any other means, assassination is part of their plan.

This assertion “floored me” as I did not suspect this level of dedication. Still, this is an upsetting theory that will be confirmed only if it were to happen, God forbid.  Unexecuted plans may never be known.

The closing chapters of this book discuss disinformation, propaganda methods, memes, and ways to counter them. American citizens should be aware of all of this information.

Also, I found the following short document to be a straightforward description of the development of the concept of America’s Deep State. Finally, near the end of this article is some interesting survey information about the percent of people who believe in the existence of  the Deep State and its  attempted influences on social and political actions and outcomes in America.

I am suspicious of “conspiracy theories”. But so far, this all appears to be valid to me.

I highly recommend that citizens form their own opinions while reading “Killing the Deep State”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/22/2018

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Legalized Recreational Marijuana

April 20, 2018

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Legalized Recreational Marijuana.

America is going to pot: Both literally and figuratively, or should I have said literally and literally?!

I predict that the resulting damage to America and its youth will continue to degrade the viability of our, already severely weakened great society.

I further predict that once this intoxicating “magic genie” is all out of the bottle, it will be virtually impossible to stuff it back in.

Wake-Up America!

Unprincipled progressive/liberal politicians are now moving to legalize the national recreational use of marijuana .

Why? It’s simple. In stoner lingo: “Cool”! “Far-out man”! “Let’s vote for them”!!!

Recreational Marijuana chaos reigns in off-the-charts progressive/liberal San Fransisco.

Increased highway marijuana-related deaths and injuries were always predictable and is in clear evidence everywhere it is legal.

I predict that the tax money made off legalized recreational Marijuana sales will never pay for the damage that it will cause to America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/20/18

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

P.S., Please see my other blogs on legalized marijuana. Type the word “marijuana” in the search box on the upper right side of my blog page and press Return.

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Bad Cops

April 16, 2018

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Bad Cops.

America! It’s time for a little more of Dr. Tom’s reality therapy. 

These special blogs are designed for those who are still living in a fantasy world.

Look-out, you could be one of them and not even know it!

The mass of wonderful (but fantasy-world) citizens consists of a great many of those patriots who were raised in traditional, religious or semi-religious, conservative or moderately conservative families. In some cases it will even include patriotic citizens, from various backgrounds, who consider themselves to be “traditional” or “classical” liberals.

Here is your wake-up call! It is way past-time to perceive the cultural ravages of hyper-liberalism in America and elsewhere in the world. Therefore, it is now my sad duty to rub your noses in the delayed consequences of your slumber in fantasy land. 

I promise that I do this out of pure love and kind thoughts for you, your loved ones and the future of America.

You may, understandably, get upset with me for exposing you to the truth. If you do you will be illustrating some perfectly human fundamental psychological errors: They are the denial of a threatening reality and displaced aggression. These are common defenses against anxiety, worry, fear and anger that we all must learn to  manage effectively.

Wake-Up America! Be rational: Put your anxiety, worry, fear, and anger where it belongs.

Focus these defensive emotions upon the hyper-liberal, anti-American political philosophy (progressivism/socialism) and its political practitioners: Vote the purveyors of America’s demise out of office and do not let them back in.

Here is a message about a reality, soon to become your personal nightmare if America’s police officers continue to be vilified by political forces bent on the destruction of our lawful  society.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/16/18

Look-Out For The Blind-Side Divorce!

April 26, 2010

Look-out For The Blind-Side Divorce!

My client is depressed and discheveled: He or she is in a lot of shock and pain. I have seen this situation over and over again for 30 years.

The person tells me that they “never saw it coming” and now, suddenly, their mate’s “mind is made-up” and they are leaving. All too often there is little to be done except help the blind-sided individual cope as effectively as they can.

There are many reasons for the blind-side break-up or divorce.

One frequent reason is that the departing loved one has found someone else to love. Sometimes the blindsided one did the same thing. Occasionally this is because someone has issues with loyalty. More often the dying relationship had an affair because it had been dying for years, it had grown increasingly empty and one (or both) did nothing to save it.

Often, what has happened is that one or both members of a couple (married or not)have stopped making the other person a priority in their lives, they stopped telling and showing, in countless ways, how special the other person is and how much they love them. They have stopped being friends and taking time to plan fun things and play together. These things can happen to a once good relatinship for many reasons.

Finally, there is mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse/addiction, and physical or emotional abuse.

The fact is that loving and caring feelings and emotions in a relationship can wither and die-out if not fed and nurtured. This degenerative process can progress beyond the point where many people are unwilling to work to repair their relationship.

Fail to deal effectively with any of these problems and growing resentment, anger and disgust, along with the belief that nothing will ever change, can destroy your relationship. This process is often slow and insidious and it can take years to develop.

Look for signs of trouble and talk them over. Listen to feedback from trusted friends and loved-ones. Act earlier rather than later, acting earlier is symbolic of your love, acting too late is frequently symbolic of fear and dependency. Seek the assistance of a Ph.D. level psychologist experienced in relationship counseling. Personality testing is often very helpful to this process.

Look-out for the blind-side divorce and the great damage it can do to families, their children, and to our socioculture.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      4/25/10

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