166 Trump Accomplishments: Against All Odds!

166 Trump Accomplishments: Against All Odds!

The proof is always in the accomplishments. B.S. walks, accomplishments “talk”!

I am reading the book, “Let Trump Be Trump”. It is a detailed description of how Trump won the Presidency (against all odds). The book also provides a clear description of the many components of his complex personality and the complex ways ways in which he pursues goals and manages problems.

It is easy to take a “slim slice” of his behavior (negatives or positives) and assume that this is what Trump’s personal make-up really is. But, upon careful study (Read “Let Trump be Trump”) one discovers, a vast repertoire of President Donald Trump’s skills and inherent abilities. 

He can be pompous or self-demeaning (not often the later), crude, crass and mean as a snake; forgiving or vengeful, kind and courteous, callous or warm-hearted; generous and stingy, indulging and dismissive, loyal or quick to terminate loyalty; he can be “hawkish” or “dovish”…and much more.

People often zero- in on the parts of Trump that they like, or the parts that they dislike, and ignore the other parts. This “cherry picking” method will determine whether someone hates Trump or loves Trump.

This is either a bad mistake, or it an example of scurrilous dishonesty.

I very much dislike some parts of Trump’s personality. I very much like other parts.

However, the only thing that matters to me (unless serious provable crimes are proven), are the results he is able to produce.

Many have asserted that he is not a conservative, but his accomplishments are almost purely conservative.

Therefore, Constitutional conservatives will be overjoyed and progressive-socialist liberals will be rendered apoplectic or overwhelmed with angst. 

Because the liberals are so often disdainful of a solid traditional moral code, they will do virtually anything they can think of to get rid of Trump; a Presidential conservative tower-of-power.

Actually, none of that matters!

All that really matters is: Do President Trump’s accomplishments make America safer, stronger, and more likely to survive the world-forces that are trying to destroy us….Or not!?

Just as importantly: Do President Trump’s accomplishments make America safer, stronger and more likely to survive our internal social and “deep state” governmental socialist/communist, Islamic Jihadist, and anarchist forces bent on transforming us into an Unconstitutional socialist society…Or not?!

So far (and that is the proviso), clear-headed American Constitutional patriots should love what he has accomplished!

 I ask you to take time to review the following amazing list of the Trump administration’s accomplishments.

Of course, you may not agree that all of these accomplishments are good for America.

But unless you are blinded by an ideology incompatible with our survival; you must agree that Trump is, thus far, exactly what is needed in an American President at this moment in America’s life-span. 

Much as other of our imperfect presidents were exactly what was needed in their times (Washington, Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan), for examples. 

Please take time to study the following and then vote accordingly.

Wake-Up America!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

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