The Suicidal Importation of Islamic’s in U.S.

The Suicidal Importation of Islamic’s to U.S.

The following documents Obama’s continued efforts to settle  one million Islamic immigrants in the U.S. before the end of his Presidency.

After the following list of Islamic settlers, their numbers and locations in America, are four  URL’s that document this seemingly frantic federal government initiative. It is important that you open and read these.

What could possibly be the motive for this continuation of governmentally-forced Islamic immigration?!

This, when around the world, and in America, a large portion of Islamic immigrants refuse to acculturate to their host nations. And when, more importantly, Islamic populations remain silent while a small, but murderous proportion of them, or their children, wantonly slaughter as many of their host citizens as they possibly can. It is well-documented that Islamic people have remained silent even when they were witness to preparations for terrorist attacks. All that I have asserted here is also well documented by the following and in many other places elsewhere.

The motive, for this governmentally forced Islamic immigration is,  in my view, what all such things always are: Political Power and Control.

Progressive/socialist/radical liberal forces have gained control of America’s Executive and judicial branches of government. The Legislative branch is a close call. In order for progressives to solidify their power and control for generations to come, they need a growing and dependent constituency. By opening our borders to a massive influx of illegal and legal immigrants who are poor and uneducated they are able to guarantee themselves a massively growing beholding and loyal voting class.

If the Obama administration can insure that a new Hillary Clinton progressive administration follows his own, she can achieve the point of no-return for this revolutionary transformation of America. Hillary, as President, will be positioned to appoint three to five progressive Supreme Court Justices. Appointment to the Supreme Court is for life. This means that they will be able “legislate from the bench” for at least two generations of Americans.

This will be the end of America as our Founding Fathers had designed it. It will be the end of our Constitutional Republic; the only one to ever exist on planet earth. It will be an end to individual liberty and the birth of the age of political tyranny in America.

Nothing lasts forever. But, we do not have to surrender America to a class of revolution that have all-to-often failed in famine and torrents of bloodshed.

I urge you to fight this chain of ruinous events with the mightiest weapon in your arsenal: YOUR VOTE!

Listing by state, city, and numbers:
AK Anchorage 125
AL Mobile 125
AR Springdale 10
AZ Glendale 895
AZ Phoenix 1,459

AZ Tucson 935
CA Anaheim 175
CA Fullerton 10
CA Garden Grove 150
CA Glendale 1,420
CA Los Angeles 490
CA Los Gatos 144
CA Modesto 250
CA Oakland 615
CA Sacramento 1,276
CA San Bernardino 65
CA San Diego 3,103
CA San Francisco 5
CA San Jose 142
CA Turlock 120
CA Walnut Creek 90
CO Colorado Springs 138
CO Denver 1,690
CO Greeley 150
CT Bridgeport 100
CT Hartford 285
CT New Haven 205

DC Washington 15
DE Wilmington 5
FL Clearwater 200
FL Delray Beach 95
FL Doral 160
FL Jacksonville 895
FL Miami 1,056
FL Miami Springs 133
FL Naples 115
FL North Port 30
FL Orlando 360
FL Palm Springs 150
FL Pensacola 20
FL Plantation 75
FL Riviera Beach 50
FL Tallahassee 50
FL Tampa 660
GA Atlanta 2,100
GA Savannah 100
GA Stone Mountain 685
HI Honolulu 15
IA Cedar Rapids 55
IA Des Moines 585
ID Boise 720
ID Twin Falls  300
IL Aurora 190
IL Chicago 1,595
IL Moline 200
IL Rockford 300
IL Wheaton 2,660
IN Fort Wayne 200
IN Indianapolis 1,285
KS Garden City 80
KS Kansas City 200
KS Wichita 510
KY Bowling Green 310
KY Lexington 410
KY Louisville 990
KY Owensboro 135
LA Baton Rouge 125
LA Lafayette 30
LA Metairie 185
MA Boston 300
MA Framingham 8
MA Jamaica Plain 100
MA Lowell 275
MA South Boston 260
MA Springfield 230
MA Waltham 10
MA West Springfield 340
MA Worcester 443
MD Baltimore 775
MD GlenBurnie 150
MD Rockville 39
MD Silver Spring 845
ME Portland 350
MI Ann Arbor 80
MI Battle Creek 140
MI Clinton Township 650
MI Dearborn 640
MI Grand Rapids 740
MI Lansing 617
MI Troy 1,215
MN Minneapolis 730
MN Richfield 340
MN Rochester 130
MN Saint Paul 695
MN St. Cloud  215
MO Columbia 140
MO Kansas City 540
MO Saint Louis 725
MO Springfield 75
MS Biloxi 5
MS Jackson 20
NC Charlotte 655
NC Durham 380
NC Greensboro 385
NC High Point 405
NC New Bern 165
NC Raleigh 475
NC Wilmington 80
ND Bismarck 45
ND Fargo 270
ND Grand Forks 90
NE Lincoln 335
NE Omaha 990
NH Concord 245
NH Manchester 445
NJ Camden 100
NJ East Orange 6
NJ Elizabeth 300
NJ Jersey City 506
NM Albuquerque 220
NV Las Vegas 640
NY Albany 360
NY Amityville 20
NY Binghamton 40
NY Brooklyn 55
NY Buffalo 1,442
NY New York 240
NY Rochester 643
NY Syracuse 1,030
NY Utica 410
OH Akron 575
OH Cincinnati 140
OH Cleveland 510
OH Cleveland Heights 190
OH Columbus 1,300
OH Dayton 210
OH Toledo 40
OK Oklahoma City 170
OK Tulsa 395
OR Portland 995
PA Allentown 95
PA Erie 625
PA Harrisburg 200
PA Lancaster 480
PA Philadelphia 750
PA Pittsburgh 470
PA Roslyn 20
PA Scranton 150
PR San Juan 5
RI Providence 210
SC Columbia 160
SC Spartanburg 220
SD Huron 90
SD Sioux Falls 490
TN Chattanooga 85
TN Knoxville 190
TN Memphis 200
TN Nashville 1,225
TX Abilene 200
TX Amarillo 442
TX Austin 930
TX Corpus Christi 5
TX Dallas 1,765
TX El Paso 35
TX Fort Worth 1,503
TX Houston 2,605
TX San Antonio 750
UT Salt Lake City 1,126
VA Arlington 500
VA Charlottesville 250
VA Falls Church 450
VA Fredericksburg 120
VA Harrisonburg 140
VA Newport News 300
VA Richmond 243
VA Roanoke 177
VT Colchester 325
WA Kent 985
WA Richland 230
WA Seattle 714
WA Spokane 510
WA Tacoma 276
WA Vancouver 127
WI Green Bay 20
WI Madison 90
WI Milwaukee 890
WI Oshkosh 135
WI Sheboygan 35
WV Charleston 50
TOTALS  76,972 
(it has been stated that each of these refugees cost ‘us’ the taxpayers….$20K when they arrive, and who knows how much ongoing expense….AND these people DO NOT assimilate!) 

P. S., Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this article to me.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  7/2/16

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2 Responses to “The Suicidal Importation of Islamic’s in U.S.”

  1. Grace J Says:

    I found this article very interesting.

    You may have seen on NBC news concerning the implantable RFID microchip that some people are getting put in their hand to make purchases, but did you know this microchip matches perfectly with prophecy in the Bible?

    You may have heard of the legendary number “666” that people have been speculating for possibly thousands of years on what it actually means. This article shares something I haven’t seen before, and I don’t think there could be any better explanation for what it means to calculate 666. This is no hoax. Very fascinating stuff!



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