Obama: Purposefully Wrecking America

Obama: Purposefully Wrecking America

Americans should have no doubt that Barack Obama is purposefully wreaking America. We should all be capable of deducing this by simply watching his perfectly consistent America-defeating Presidential actions for over seven years.

Without question, our revolutionary Obama is a lying and traditional-America-hating subversive. He is a traitor to our Founding Principles.

My friend, Lee Hornack, sent the last article in the three presented in this blog.  I beg you to read each of them. The first two articles reveal Obama’s devious revolutionary tactics. 
The last article documents Obama’s refusal to share essential statistics about the proportions of Islamic immigrants and second-generation (“home-grown”) Islamic citizens who have perpetrated terrorists attacks upon America.
Hornack correctly identifies two socialist, traditional-America-hating revolutionaries, Cloward and Piven, who have advocated the very strategy that Obama is using to destroy America by Creating class conflict and overloading the Public Welfare System with massive immigration, the poor and disaffected…thereby destroying America’s economy.
All Americans MUST recognize these as standard Socialist revolutionary tactics.
Should these tactics be allowed to continue with the election of his ruthless protege, Hillary Clinton, our children and grandchildren will suffer the certain sociocultural death-knell that is socialism.
These are the socialist revolutionary tactics.
Now see the horrific Islamic facts that traitors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been hiding from Congress and the America people!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/25/16

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