“Do The Right Thing”!…But, What Is “The Right Thing”!?

“Do The Right Thing”!

But, What Is “The Right Thing”!?

Well, it is often not so easy to know, exactly.

Of course for an increasing percent of Americans it is very hard to know what the right thing is; and the reasons should be obvious.

America’s increasingly progressive/socialist government has done everything it can to inculcate a unique religion, and its attendant beliefs and values, into its citizens. This, alone, makes it very difficult for more and more of our population to do “The Right Things”.

The word inculcate is a powerful word.

Common definitions of the word, inculcate, imply a great force in teaching; almost a “pounding” or a “grinding” of ideas and habits into an individual or a population, i.e., :

“To implant by repeated statement or admonition, to teach persistently and earnestly.”

“To cause or influence someone to accept an idea or feeling.”

Successful cultures powerfully teach, good ideas and feelings to their citizens. The word “good”, as I use it here, refers to beliefs and values that lead to healthy pro-social behaviors within a population and greater success for the evolving and teaching socioculture. 

Successful cultures do not leave this important influence to chance. or the mere whim of individuals. By consistently teaching good ideas and values to citizens, they acquire a better understanding of “the right things” to do when they confronted with life’s constant barrage moral/ethical dilemmas. Moral and ethical dilemmas, which if handled effectively by individual members of a society increase the odds that their socioculture will prosper and survive.

Of course, there are no guarantees about such happy outcomes.

Societies can, and often do inculcate bad ideas and values into their citizens.

For example, the North Korean government uses constant propaganda in every avenue of its media, in public displays, and in the education of its children and youth to love, adore, venerate and obey its supreme leader. The Nazi’s inculcated the same ideology (and more) into its population, using similar methods. There are innumerable other examples throughout history.

Tragically, since the late 1950’s or early 1960’s, America began to incorporate some of the tyrannical practices of these dictatorial governments.

America’s increasingly progressive/socialistic government has worked feverishly to inculcate the religion of secular humanism into its citizens, and into all aspects of society. Even doing so to the point of weakening America’s Churches at every opportunity.

Secular humanism is simply incompatible with the belief in a Supreme Being, God’s Revealed Truths, and the eternal wisdom of its moral/ethical belief systems.

It is rank tyranny that all of America’s religious symbols, words, phrases, sentences, and art-forms, as well as the traditions of America’s founding Judaeo/Christian religions, are being driven from our public places, our classrooms, and our common language.

Where individuals hang-on to the remnants of America’s religious traditions, they are frequently marginalized and even punished with disrespect and social censure.

Those religion-based traditions that are allowed remain are sanitized of religious content or innuendo and secularized into simple economic advantages to commerce and governmental taxation.

These ruthless attacks upon Americas religion’s, morals and ethics continue via legal prosecution as well as the media’s persecution and ridicule of religion. The ongoing brutalization and pornification of the American families’ airwaves and cyberspace whets the all-too-human appetites of the masses in ways that are incompatible with with good beliefs, good values and good behaviors.

These attacks also continue through wide-spread State sponsored social-censure tactics euphemistically referred to as “political correctness”. A common tool used by totalitarian societies.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable!

The only way individuals can learn to do The Right Things is for America to recover its religiosity and to relearn its traditional conservative faith-based rules of moral and ethical conduct that were more prominent during America’s best years: The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

A religion and its culture based upon frailties of  human intelligence, judgment with its passion for easy and fast rewards; along with its habitual pursuit of power, excitement and sensuous pleasures will always be a disaster in comparison.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/3/15




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