Race War In America?

Race War In America?

The following video is not the first time the Black Panther’s have threatened violence, but it now comes at a time of race riots spreading across America’s cities. It is now a serious threat.

I fear that this is what America gets for implementing generations of welfare systems that have rewarded families for not having a father in the home, for not working, for not getting an education, for engaging in illegal activities, abusing drugs and alcohol, and for generally behaving in irresponsible ways.

Although this radical liberal reward system has garnered votes for Democrats and enslaved more and more citizens of all races in America, it has disproportionately damaged our black population.

Bill O’Reilly and others say that the problem is a “lack of individual responsibility”. They miss the fact that it is the liberal Welfare State that has destroyed the individual responsibility of its recipients. America has taught increasing numbers of its children to grow to be irresponsibly dependent upon governmental largess  (i.e., tax payer funding)—and therefor unable to escape poverty. Then we blame them for having learned to be  irresponsible, dependent, uneducated and unsocialized to middle class standards.

If we reward single parenting, serial pregnancies (with different abandoning men), unemployment, ignorance and irresponsibility. That is exactly what our culture will see increase amongst its citizenry.

Eventually, the millions who are so afflicted by such cultural/political reward systems become frustrated, angry, aggressive and they will attack and blame the hand that has enslaved them with paltry and diminishing rewards. This is perfectly predictable.

The the ever-present graphic news reports of these burgeoning race-riots, as-well-as social media, are potent catalysts for their increasing frequency and intensity.

All of this at a time when countless other internal and external stressors threaten to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Now comes the following:


God help us!

But, the Lord helps those who help themselves.

Wake-up America! Vote for a return to conservative Judeo/Christian values, cultural designs, school vouchers, rewards for entrepreneurship and training-work-fare (not traditional welfare) for those trapped in poverty.

There is much more that can be done to reward individual initiative and to begin to reverse America’s social/cultural decay. It is not rocket science. It is all humane things that are the  opposite of flood of liberal/progressive reward systems, namely socialism, that are now completely  enveloping America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/30/15

P.S., It is time for me to take a long walk in the woods. I need a break and I will be off-line for a little while.


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