Agnostic On Man-Made Global Warming

Agnostic On Man Made Climate Change

There are both pragmatic and spiritual reasons not to pollute our precious Planet Earth.

I subscribe to all of them and urge that we do our best to “give a hoot-don’t pollute!”, as the old saying goes.

However, on the matter of significant man-made Global Warming, I remain strongly agnostic.

As you probably know, global temperatures have vacillated throughout scientifically recoverable history. A great many interacting variables have always influenced temperatures around the world and scientists still do not fully understand this complex, perhaps self-regulating, natural phenomenon.

The models that scientists use to predict future global temperatures contain many statistical assumptions capable of yielding different predicted outcomes. Change an assumption and the “outcome” changes.

While it is reasonable to assume that man-made pollution has contributed a new variable to this mix, it is not reasonable to assume that this will doom humanity in the foreseeable future. 

Furthermore, it is not reasonable that we damage our economy, speed our cultural decline, and thereby undermine our significant influence among the nations of the world…all in a hysterical self-sacrifice at the politicized altar to the “Religion” of Global Warming.

Do not be fooled. Man-Made Global Warming is a powerful tool used by the radical left, socialist-progressives, and the one-world government bunch to further their anti-democratic totalitarian political agenda.

As you should know by now, the truth cannot be found amongst these pathological liars.

Please see this case-in-point.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/26/15

P.S., For more of my posts on Global Warming enter “Global Warming” in the search box on my home page.

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