Tucker: American Marxist Revolution #1 (Racial Tension)

Tucker: America’s Marxist Revolution #1 (Racial Tension)

Many more of Tucker Carlson’s monologues will follow this one. If you have previously read my introduction, future iterations of this blog (# 3, 4,….) will remain the same and you can conveniently skip it.

Just go straight to viewing Tucker’s incomparable presentations of America’s revolutionary reality.

It is my psychological rule-of-thumb that: “The perception of reality will set you free.” It will also return freedom to America! 


Most citizens are not even remotely aware of the pending death of their precious, in all of the world, American culture.

Over the generations, a great number of our citizens have been “Transformed” (former President Obama’s favorite word) into ignorant, hedonistic, addicted, stuporous, dependent, irresponsible, antisocial, avowed socialists and communists; even anti-American barbarian anarchists. 

All of this has been accomplished by the leftist propaganda machines in so many of our government schools, our phony leftist news media, and the perverted and antisocial entertainment media. All of this,has been further catalyzed by governmentally supported attacks upon America’s traditional values, sex roles/identities and the family; as well as the power of our churches, traditional holidays and now, both sacred and historical monuments.

These cultural damages have paved the way for more leftist attacks upon America’s other sustaining institutions: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Sea Scouts, schools clubs and athletics (i.e., LGBTQ clubs, transgenders in bathrooms, showers, and males in female athletics). The same goes for our legal system’s laws, courts, police departments, jails, and prisons; and even both of America’s political parties; through the murderous hidden tendrils of the so called “Deep State”, bent on the destruction of our Constitutional government via the deeply sociopathic Democrats and a significant percent of fake Republicans (“Rinos”).

If all of this is not enough, more than three generations of increasingly leftist parents have raised their own increasingly leftist future generations. And there is more!

America’s Tipping Point is near,

It now appears that only one man, and his close Republican associates, are capable of crushing the revolutionary cabal that now threatens to destroy America.

This is our fiercely independent and too-often uncouth, though deeply patriotic warier-for-America, President Donald Trump.

But, in order for President Trump to defeat America’s Marxist Revolution, a vast majority of our voting citizens must understand the true nature of the internal and external forces of America’s great undoing.

No one I have ever seen is as truthful and stunningly powerful in his crystal-clear explanations of the many facets of the Leftist/Marxist Revolution now destroying America as Tucker Carson. No one!

I implore you to watch Tucker, Judge for yourself, and then vote accordingly.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/30/20



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2 Responses to “Tucker: American Marxist Revolution #1 (Racial Tension)”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    I have not to my chagrin listen to Carlson’s Communist commentary on the destruction of our beloved America.
    However from your writings I’ve learned that he is espousing what I’ve known and talked about for decades.Since 1920 shortly after the revolution in Russian and Vladimir Lenin’s take over America has been under attack by the Communists,chipping away with steadfast resolve. Khrushchev said in the early 1960’s that there was no reason to fight a war with America,it will succumb internally-never more true than today’s current situation.
    America’s leader’s have failed us terribly and continue to do so-beware of “CHINA”, they have a presence in this country that is dangerously remarkable,including our gov’t,i.e. “BIDEN” plus many others. BLM IS A FRONT FOR COMMUNISM-America beware.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      As always, Huck, you are way ahead of the curve. You speak the truth, some of which I was slower to see than you. The American Marxist Revolution is now clearly manifest, it has been covert for decades. Your use of the “chipping away” analogy is spot on. The “Deep State” is real and in our face…it cannot be missed unless the observer is lacking intelligence, focus, or they are part of it all! Moe


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