More Marxist, Democrat, Propaganda!

Here is my take on this Marxist/Democrat B.S.. 

Democrats have said: “Never let a good crisis to to waste.” Then they set about the task of creating one crisis after another in order to weaken the existing culture/society. Please tell me one good thing the democrats have done since the in America since they took office and immediately destroyed all of the progress that President Trump made.

Then there is the cryptic phrase: “worse is better!”. It is hard to decipher that one until you learn that this idea is one used by Marxists, now democrats, to foment a revolution: But, they call it a “TRANSFROMATION OF AMERICA”!

A clear understanding of what is going on in America requires that citizen’s read-up on Marxist strategies for sparking revolutions in target societies. It goes like this: Create turmoil and chaos, destroy the economy, education, religion, families, the existing culture, cause divisions and anger among the population using identity politics, take control of the guns and propagandize the hell out of them.

Finally, destroy population motivation to work hard and be creative, make the population dependent upon the governments support for as many things as services and things possible.

Gain political power, persecute the opposition, get filthy rich and retire before the counter revolution, or the financial Ponzi game collapses.

Or, never retire, continue the societal transformation to communism and use your military to intensify control the miserable population at the barrel of a gun.

Look up “Marxist rules for revolution” in my search box (upper right side of my home page).

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/19/22

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