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Why There Is No Good News

July 30, 2014

Sitting In U.P. Wondering Why There Is No Good News

Sitting for morning coffee at the Ramsay Farm in Michigan’s U.P., the family wondered why there are no exclusively “good news” sources. One person said, “It would not sell”. Another said, “There are probably good news places, but we don’t know about them”.

Well, there are some “good news” sites on the internet. However, I don’t know of any on the television. I will research that topic in the future.

I hope this is only because this genre of news is in its infancy and that it is not simply that good news will not “sell”. God forbid that the truth of the matter is only that: “If it bleeds, it leads!”

I will try to intersperse more good news amongst my more critical posts.

In my defense of my critical blogs, however, if we are not aware-of and moved to political action by theĀ  about our various self-destructive cultural evolutions over the past 60 years, the future will hold very little good news for anyone.

Please enjoy the following:

I hope these articles will inspire more good behavior and good news.

I will not be blogging for the next several days, so please visit my blog anyway and use my search engine in the upper left of my page to search for topics that might interest you. I have well over 1000 blogs–so please join me and comment as you like.

Also, if you have any good news that I could post please send it to me.

V.Tom Mawhinney, 7/30/14

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