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Sperm Count and Cultural Evolution

January 29, 2018

Sperm Count and Cultural Evolution

One of my recent blogs discussed the fact that the loss of influence of a culture’s religion is commonly associated with the decline of that culture. This observation was presented as part of a larger blog on the seemingly unrelated, though actually not , topic of “Why Leftists Hate Religion”.

Here I noted that historically there are many causes of cultural decline, even total collapse, and recommended an excellent book on that topic for those who may wish to learn more about it.

I hope you will visit this blog and that you will find it thought-provoking.

Now a new potential cause of cultural change, and I judge possible decline, has been confirmed by scientists. Modernizing cultures tend to experience a significant and continuing decline in their male citizen’s sperm count.

This powerful mechanism of cultural change is now occurring throughout Western Civilization. Of course the United States is a leading Western Civilization Culture and we also are suffering a declining male citizen sperm count.

It is logical to conclude that declining sperm counts in a male population are likely to lead to a decline in indigenous birth rates.  Scientific studies have also documented declining  birthrates in developing countries.

Although the causes for the decline among this cluster of events are yet uncertain, as I have reported, they are correlated with modernization. 

The specific causes of these correlations are unclear. A simple chain of linear causes leading to cultural decline is unlikely, given that the plethora of potential interacting variables are in constant flux within cultures over time. Causal interactions within such complex systems of variables, if they are linear at any level, are apt to be so only for a short time before many outcomes began to causally interact with other individuals, groups, businesses, agencies and levels of government within a culture. The outcomes  and exact magnitudes of such causal interactions may be near impossible to parse-out and trace as they interact, catalytically and perhaps, in some cases, exponentially with a myriad of other cultural features.

As if this complexity is not daunting enough, as any single culture changes, its interactions among other cultures will also likely change . Such changes can set the stage for reciprocal cycles of mutual influence among interacting groups of different cultures. The outcomes of these causal cycles will be fiendishly difficult to control and predict.

Perhaps you will agree with me that contemplating the intelligent control that humans might be able to purposefully exert upon the evolution of the cultures of this world is mind-boggling. 

Whatever is the case with the data on declining religiosity, declining fertility and declining birth rates in modernizing cultures ; all correlating with general declining conditions within these cultures, none of this seems to bode well for happy outcomes. 

Below, see the recent scientific findings on modernization and decreasing male fertility.

We are living in interesting times.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/29/18

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