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The “Wisdom of The Electorate” Is A Myth!

March 20, 2016

The “Wisdom of The Electorate” is a Myth!

You will laugh like crazy at the following…and laughter is good medicine!

Please see both of these videos and I guarantee you will be greatly entertained.

Now, with America’s Presidential election looming in the near future, I would like you to consider the social and cultural consequences of these, and millions of others just like them, at the ballot box.

We had better pray that the so-called “silent” conservative majority views these videos, or gets the “big picture” in other ways, and then turns-out to vote like there “is no tomorrow”.

There will not be many tomorrows left for America if this educationally impaired segment of our population becomes this nation’s social and cultural ruling class.

To our Founding Fathers, the ability to vote was a cherished privilege and a solemn duty.

Clearly, there should be some reasonable limits on what is now called universal suffrage. As you can see by these videos, eliminating the stupid from the electorate would absolutely not be a form of racism or any “ism”, other than patriotism.

Stupidity should have no place at the ballot box in America.  Before anyone alleges that I am a racist, sexist, or any other kind of “ist”, please understand the following.

Ok…I consider myself a pragmatist.

But, stupidity is not defined by an adult’s age, race, biological sex, or sexual orientation, etc..

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/20/16

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