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Wake-Up America: You Have-No-Idea!

May 25, 2018

Wake-Up America: You Have-No-Idea!

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As you will see below, the Marxist “brainwashing” of America’s children is not only occurring within state institutions; it is also advancing in many other of America’s institutions.

The leftist/socialist/radical-liberal/progressive democrats have taken-over many of our schools, nearly all of our colleges and universities and nearly all of our entertainment and news media.

Now you will see that they have also taken-over what used to be The Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

They now recruit LGBTQ boys and leaders in scouting. Recently they decided to also open their ranks to girls in what was formerly the BSA.

To cap it all off, for the first time in history, they will be handing-out condoms to young scouts attending this year’s World Scouting Jamboree.

I was formerly a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Explorer Scout. I was even a Sea Scout for a brief time. These were precious years of my life and they helped to shape who I have become as an adult.

The process of helping to acculturate our future adults is still ongoing in all of scouting. However instead of reinforcing traditional morals, ethics and American values; Scouting will now inculcate perceptions, emotions, beliefs and behaviors antithetical to our cultural heritage and what once was the Boy Scouts of America.

At 76 yrs., I must now withdraw my support for what BSA has become.

See what Scouting has become below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/25/18

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