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Conquest of America: By Illegal Immigration!

April 17, 2019

Conquest of America: By Illegal Immigration!

You may think that my title is an over-reaction to our illegal immigration problem. That is the problem….you are wrong! 

Read the following, watch the video, and understand we are experiencing has happened , around the world and throughout history; over and over and over and over, etc, etc,……..again and again.

Our wide-open boarders and the consequences of this self-destructive act is nothing new…and the ruinous end results for our society will be nothing new either.  The conquest of societies by unregulated or poorly planned immigration criteria is one of the oldest sociocultural destroyers on earth.

The following is a direct quote from: The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, 1996, by Samuel P. Huntington.

In the 1950’a two-thirds of the immigrants to the United States came from Europe and Canada; in the 1980’s roughly 35 percent of the much larger number of immigrants came from Asia, 45 percent from Latin America and less than 15 percent from Europe and Canada. Natural population growth is low in the united States and virtually zero in Europe. Migrants have high fertility rates and hence account for most future population growth in Western Societies. As a result, Westerners increasingly fear “that they are now being invaded not by armies and tanks but by migrants who speak other languages, worship other gods, belong to other cultures, and, they fear, will take their jobs, occupy their land, live off the welfare system and threaten their way of life”. (reference. #22.) These phobias, rooted in relative demographic decline, Stanley Hoffmann observes, “are based on genuine cultural clashes and worries about national identity.” (reference #23)

By the early 1990’s two-thirds of the migrants in Europe were Muslim, and European concern with immigration is above all concern with Muslim immigration. The challenge is demographic—-migrants account for 10 percent of the births in Western Europe, Arabs 50 percent of those in Brussels—and cultural. Muslim communities whether Turkish in Germany or Algerian in France have not been integrated into their host culture and ,to the concern of Europeans, show few signs of becoming so.


Author Samual P. Huntington was wrong about Westerner’s “phobias”, A phobia is an irrational fear of something that is actually harmless. Certainly Europe’s mass immigration policies have been far from harmless to them. The rest of his statements now confirm European’s worse fears of the death of their Western Civilization.

Please see the following short video. 


Then, Wake-The-Hell-Up America!  V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/7/19

American Stupidity: Boygirls Competing in Girlgirl Athletics!

April 14, 2019

American Stupidity: Boygirls Competing in Girlgirl Athletics!

Sensible people are obviously in-the-right to condemn the unfairness of governmental legislation mandating male to female transsexuals in girls dressing rooms and venues of female athletic competition.  However, their outrage does not appear to extend to a larger, long-term picture that is far more disturbing!

The radical liberals are smart enough to know how absurd and generally unfair it is to legally uphold the legitimacy of boygirls competing against girlgirls in sports requiring muscle mass, physical strength, speed and agility.

Their goal is obviously not “fairness”. It is to garner more votes from an increasingly deviant voting population and simultaneously to effect the “transformation”, meaning: THE CULTURAL DECONSTRUCTION OF AMERICA!

Radical liberal’s hedonism, as hedonism always is, is fatally short-sighted and damaging to everyone that it touches. The outcomes of hedonism provides a stark illustration of the wide-ranging biopsychosocial effects of Bad Behavioral Contagion. Please enter “Behavioral Contagion” in my search box for a clear definition and examples).

Radical liberal corrupt and decadent short-term “wins” will always represent long-term losses to America and all of its citizens.

Wake-the-Hell-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/14/19

See what you think about this important issue.

ISIS Radicalization of Children In Europe

February 7, 2017

SIS Radicalization of Children In Europe

It is axiomatic that children are more controllable and generally more malleable than adults. They have been the target of most totalitarian states that I have read about, bent upon the subjugation of entire societies.

So it now is with that totalitarian state called ISIS, attempting to subjugate Europe.

Once a small core of radical Islamic’s gain access to an “infidel nation”, they begin to exert their legal political and illegal underhanded influences in countless of diabolical ways. The new host country is consumed by efforts and expenses involved with trying to stave off the  many new Islamic initiatives to transform their society.

For societies teetering on the brink; decline and collapse into Islam is a near certainty.

America, watch what is happening to Europe and other nations now infested with Radical Islam. It is a slow death. I am reminded of a pitiful skeletal coyote I once saw in the woods. It was slowly and painfully dying of an infestation of fleas and mange. 

America, you had better wake-the-hell-up!

Please read the following and come under the control of reality.

P.S. Trump is right about Islamic Immigration from ISIS hot spots!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/7/17

Wake The-Hell-Up America: You Are Killing Your Children and Yourselves!.

December 31, 2012

Wake The-Hell-Up America: You Are Killing Your Children and Yourselves!

My mother and father would not let me buy or read the vivid combat, horror or super-hero comic books of the 1940″s and early 1950’s. They knew then what it took social scientists decades to demonstrate. Fantasy violence is very bad for children.

Like most kids I was fascinated by war, horror and violent super-hero comics and would have collected them in a great  pile, had I been allowed to do so.

I remember looking forward to going to The Simm’s Barber Shop, about once every 5 or 6 weeks to get my standard butch-cut. There “I wallowed in” all of the creepy horror and combat comic books that they kept in big piles. I remember happily turning a half-hour barbershop visit into an hour or longer.

Horror and violence sold then, “like hotcakes” to children, just as it does now. The only difference now is that the violence is exponentially more florid and graphic and more parents are divorced, at work, on drugs, on welfare, dating and/or partying irresponsibly–more often than ever in our history. There is more. America’s children are less supervised, more often exposed to actual violence and abuse in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods than before. They are more exposed drugs and alcohol than ever before. They live like nomads, out of suitcases, as they move between separated or divorced parent’s homes more than before. They are more frequently raised by tired elderly grandparents than before.

Children all-too-often assume they are to blame for their parents single or serial separations or divorces. It is natural for them to be egocentric. More than ever they have step-siblings in multiple homes,  they have had multiple men or women who have assumed parental roles in their lives, only to abandon them for someone else. People may not like to hear it, but the non-biological live-in parental figures are more likely to sexually or physically abuse the children they are with than are the biological parents.

All of this is incompatible with good parenting and the needs for normal child development and it all interacts and summates to create mild, moderate, severe and profound emotional problems in our children more than before. The unthinkable carnage that we all witness in America is normally the result of children, teens and adults with histories of severe to profound emotional problems.

So, my point is that increasingly our children emotionally troubled: They are frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, and withdrawn. Now on top of all of this, our self-destructive Culture feeds them a steady diet of murder and savagery in increasingly realistic participant videos. We now teach our kids to do simulated killings and maimings of other humans, over, and over, and over…hundreds and even thousands of time. See below.

Do you really expect that there will not be a small minority of kids who lose contact with reality, who are desensitized to gore and violence, who despise their lives, who come to hate their parents and their ridiculing and tormenting peers. Do you think it odd that so many grow to hate the institutions and authority figures around them, by whom they feel  rejected and alienated? Can’t you perceive, without training,  the avenues and mechanisms of the bad behavioral contagion that is spreading and destroying America like a rising tide? Do I even have to explain what bad behavioral contagion is? Can’t you see it and feel it?

How could any, even slightly psychologically minded adult, not understand that our modern liberal/progressive interpretation of our Founding Father’s intended meaning of the First Amendment has morphed into a terrible culturally destructive force.

Don’t believe me? Do your homework, please. You must see and understand the research findings on media violence and aggression in children and adults.

Common, America, wake the hell up!

You are killing your children and yourselves!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

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