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Shariah Law Will Destroy Us: Wake-Up America!

December 5, 2010

Shariah Law Will Destroy Us: Wake-Up America!

Too many of us in America are comfortable, complacent and therefore, stuperous. Too many of us in America are poor, unemployed and hungry for change…any change that might promise a brighter future. Too many of us in America are young and have not had to fight and risk death in the defense of our liberty and we take our privileged life-style for granted. Too many of us in America are simply ignorant. We do not even know what the word “Liberty” stands for. America has allowed our educational system to fail to adequately teach the superiority of our political and economic system over the competition (socialism and communism). This purposeful cultural ignorance has been inculcated into our youth in the name of a politically progressive ideal named multiculturalism.

You had better know that “Trojan Horses” comprised of various social, political, economic and religious ideas antithetical and hostile to our own have been welcomed into America and they are poised to destroy us.

You must watch the following video by W.G. “Jerry” Boykin (Lt. General, Retired) about Islamic Shariah Law and its danger to you and your loved ones,  and to America.

Click below to see this reasoned and articulate patriot’s warning to us all.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      12/5/10 n 


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