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Picture=1000 Words of Woe!

September 30, 2022

I am working diligently on a book and so my blogs are, to the best of my ability, short and to the point. All the better, when they can be short and to a large number of points!

As is this one.

Wake-Up America and vote accordingly, at every opportunity.

Blessings, Tom Mawhinney, 9/30/22

Marxist Propaganda: Lies, Deceptions, and Diversions: In Cartoons!

June 30, 2022

Today the Biden Administration insists that our border is closed! This, when confronted that a semi truck trailer, loaded with a load of 51 broiled-to-death adults and children. They were smuggled over the border by Mexican Cartel operatives. They were discovered sprinkled with some sort of spice to cover-up the stench of rotting bodies.

‘The border is closed!…Yelled a U.S. Government representative repeatedly. His opposition in the radio debater loudly retorted “The Biden Administration has blood on its hands!”! The Biden man, with a raised voice then said: “We need to allocate more money for personnel to patrol the border.

Dear reader, why should we need more money to patrol the border. I would like to submit to the Biden Administration the following: “Why? Because America’s border is wide open” you lying sacks of s—….. Ok. Sorry. Just make it: “you lying sacks of fentanyl!

See for yourself!

V. Thomas Mawhinney,

P.s., Open borders have destroyed societies and their cultures since before recorded time. And in recent history, so have Marxist revolutions; just like the Marxist revolution now ongoing in America.

Please see my last posting (6/24/22) directly related to the first “cartoon” in this series.

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