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Truth About The Brussels Attack

March 25, 2016

Truth About The Brussels Attack

See the following video for a very clear reality-based explanation of what the dying liberal world is pathologically denying.

It is nothing less than a mass liberal hysteria blinding liberals in Europe and America to the stark realities of Islamic stealth Jihad and Islamic Jihad by terror.

Liberal societies, as a consequence of their philosophical system’s blatant psychopathologies are on the brink of annihilation by Islam.

Darwin is spinning in his grave! The forces of natural selection will be as cruel as liberalism’s self-destructive responses to Islam’s world-wide slaughter of so-called “Infidels”….is stupid.

Stupidity is doomed in a world of sociocultures competing for survival. Who would like to debate this data-based observation?

Please see the following short video and send it to your friends. It is a stark confrontation with reality for those in pathological denial about the threat of Islam.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/25/16

Thanks again to Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.

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