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Important Truths About Obama

March 15, 2018

My Fake-News Error on Traitor Obama.

A friend informed me that I may have recently been the victim of a fake-news video on Facebook.

I promised that I would so some further research on the matter: I did and found that I made a mistake. Ugh!

I will apologize to all who saw the mistake what I “forwarded” on Facebook. I will now set the record right here on my blog, as well as on Facebook.

Here is the factual information on Obama’s alleged anti-American statements.

Now, please forgive me for not engaging in further self-flagellation.

One of the reasons I was easily duped into forwarding words that Obama actually said, but that were deceitfully presented out-of context, is I judged he would have said the very same out-of-context words in many private contexts…and meant exactly what he said.

However, he would have always made such statements out of earshot of the American media and electorate.

In point of fact, the “doctored” video of his betrayal of America’s core ideals, fits perfectly with way-to-many of President Obama’s documented anti-American actions over the eight years of his Presidency.   

Perhaps you will not understand my reasoning. Therefore, I ask you to please evaluate a couple of my earlier factual blogs about America’s first traitor President, Barack Obama.

Simply, look on the right upper-side of my main blog page and type “traitor Obama” in the search box. 

You may not agree with me, but you might then understand why I still believe that former President Barack Obama is a traitor to America’s Founding Principles.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/15/18



ISIS: Coming To America To Kill Us

September 5, 2014

ISIS: Coming To America To Kill Us

Some are already here!

Many have passports that will give them free access to America.

A growing, though unknowable, number  of them are Americans.

Our traitor President Obama has refused to close our borders, refused (with a year’s worth of  warnings) to defend America’s great human sacrifices in the Middle East from this well-known growing ISIS threat… A threat that is metastasizing throughout the world.

Please read the following and view the videos (the single ad is very short) documenting my assertions.

I said long ago that we were witnessing the start of WWW III and we are now enveloped in it. Some scolded me for exaggerating the threats of radical Islam. I wonder what they are thinking now.

Just as with the early times in WW II, Great Britain again leads the way. The British still have something that America has lost: A leader dedicated to preserving their traditions and their way of life.

All radical Islamists are spiritual brothers of the one who has cut-off the heads of two Americans with a small knife. These are the ones that think they are blessed and favored in their after-life by their so-called god. They gain this blessing by either dying in his name or by torturing and killing infidel men, women and children. These are the ones that are coming to convert us, or kill us all.

I hate to say this, but these are mammalian vermin that must be exterminated. Perhaps you think that I am bombastic or sophomorically propagandistic with my use of the word vermin.  The word vermin has been defined as: “People perceived as despicable and a causing problems for the rest of society”. This definition is actually an understatement considering the terrorist’s actions and future goals. Radical Islamic Terrorists are literally the world’s vermin.

Perhaps you think that I am wrong in calling for the extermination of Radical Islamic Terrorists.  According to their own ethos, it will be either us or them who are exterminated. There is no place for us infidels to run or to hide. We will have to fight for our lives or forfeit them.

It is now just as it was once when the mad-man Adolf Hitler slaughtered countless millions in an attempt to establish his own “new world order”: The Third Reich.

Now is no time for measured and civil characterizations of this growing fiendish horde of medieval barbarians…These beasts who worship a blood-thirsty totalitarian god and who are bent upon converting or beheading us all. These are the ones who’s Islamic forefather’s were the crazed blood-thirsty head-choppers that gave rise to the bloody Historic Crusades, starting in 1096 AD.

Now is the time to incite the passive and languishing American sheeple to rise-up and force our corrupt and feckless government to ferret-out and kill the terrorist vermin. Whether they be found here amongst us, or elsewhere, their penalty must be death.

It is us or them…take your choice.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/5/14





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