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Goodbye First Amendment!

December 11, 2022

Sometimes I simply run-out of words. This is a rare occurrence, (just ask my family and friends). All I have left are the words and phrases I often used in my youth, while serving aboard a ballistic missile submarine during what was called The Cold War. It sure as hell was not so cold to us at that time. Oops, I said a bad word.

Rather than cuss-up a storm, I will speak in cartoons. After-all one picture is worth a 1000 words, is it not!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/11/22

P.S., Don’t let them intimidate you into not saying Merry Christmas……Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Traitor Obama Is Purposely Destroying America!

June 14, 2014

Traitor Obama Is purposely Destroying America!

Lots of people think that Obama is simply not managing his administration effectively; that he is just inept; that his style is to delegate authority to others who are incompetent. People, even smart people, think that any or all of these things accounts for the terrifying chain of events that can do nothing but destroy America.

However, only a fool (smart or not) could maintain these sorts of beliefs in the face of his onslaught of extra-Constitutional America-destroying acts.

Obama is doing exactly what he promised to do: He is “Transforming” America!

With only 2.5 years left of his Presidency, he has now going all-out for the kill: The killing of America!

Try to dispute the following video:

Finally, what do you think is the cause of the sudden flood of alien children across our unsecured borders every day? There are about 60,000 children from Mexico and Latin America expected this year. There are 130,000 alien children expected by 2015!

Do you really think this invasion by Spanish speaking alien children is just an accident: an odd confluence of events?!

No, it is another highly skilled diabolical revolutionary strategy to overwhelm America’s social and physical infrastructure and secure the democratic vote for generations to come.

Read the following short, hard-hitting article, and let me know what you think.

President Obama is a traitor.

What do you think our Founding Fathers would do if they could get their hands on him?

V. Tom Mawhinney,  6/14/14








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