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Threats To America: Laughing All The Way!

February 27, 2020

Threats To America: Laughing All The Way!

Well, no! Threats to America are not funny.

But, around the world, ridicule and laughter is a historically successful propagandistic technique used by totalitarians, socialists and communists to smear, marginalize, and stigmatize their opposition; namely the advocates of freedom and democracy.

It is right an fitting that I, and other like-minded patriots of America’s Constitutional Republic, would finally give these political vultures among us a dose of their own poisonous medicine.

Medicines, never to be administered to our honorable representatives dedicated to keeping AMERICA ALIVE, FREE and PROSPEROUS!

P.S. Depicting a destructive political force using humor is not real propaganda because it is based upon the truth

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/27/20



Greater Threats To Our Way Of Life

February 23, 2011

Greater Threats To Our Way Of Life

There is so much going on in the world and in America that it is hard to attend to it all and to understand “the big picture”. Failing to accurately interpret all of these historical events, and take appropriate action will spell disaster for we Americans .

I have not listened to Glenn Beck regularly because I am sometimes put of by matters of style. However, in the past several days I have chanced to hear some of his radio analyses of the current revolutionary happenings around the world and in the U.S.. Some of these events .are the Radical Islamic initiatives with Mexican drug cartels, the frighteningly fragile state of our economy, and the stunning power of public employee unions and their daily contact with, and influence in, the White House. And there is much more.

I must say that Glenn is now making more sense to me than I prefer. Furthermore, and for several strong reasons, I have come believe that America’s confluent and synergistic internal and external crises are a greater threat our way of life than anything in recent history, including WWI and WWII.

I urge you to tune-in to Glenn Beck’s shows and decide for yourself. I can assure you that you will hear nothing of the kind in the popular media. The popular media has been captured by progressive activists and the truth about our predicament will not be found there.

In a recent Imprimis article, It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid, Brian T. Kennedy made a strong case for the threat that is radical Islam and Sharia Law abroad and within the United States. He then reviewed China’s military build-up and its plans to defeat us economically and militarily; Russia’s potential resurgence; the North Korean threat; as well as the Iranian threat and growing instability in numerous countries of the oil rich Middle East. This while our President Obama has enforced shutdowns in our own oil industry.

Kennedy warns that, with our narrowed focus upon a few rogue states and on our own internal problems such as Obama-care, we had better be certain that our representatives do not overlook their constitutional mandate to “provide for a common defense–in the true sense of the word” (Imprimis, Jan. 2011, Volume 40, Number 1).

As Kennedy said: It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid“.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


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