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One of My Hero’s: Charles Krauthammer

June 28, 2018

One of My Hero’s: Charles Krauthammer

I am so sad that he is gone.

I hope that you knew who he was and were informed by his massively intellectual and wise perspectives on the many people, places and things that he evaluated and commented about.

I hope you will soon read his excellent book, “Things That Matter”. 

I must respectfully disagree with Krauthammer’s harsh comments about President Trump who’s accomplishments, thus far in office, have eclipsed those of nearly all other American Presidents.

I do agree with Krauthammer that his style has too often been jarringly crude in comparison to nearly all of his predecessors. Perhaps Andrew Jackson was his equal in this respect.

Yet, so far, I remain convinced that President Trump is exactly what America needed at this moment in history. In the language of our nation’s Founding Fathers, perhaps Trump’s election to The Presidency of the United States of America was providential.

I will soon read another book by Dr. Krauthammer entitled, “Democratic Realism: An American Policy in a Unipolar World”. I expect that I will be better-off as a result.

Please consider the article that follows the two artistic tributes to Charles Krauthammer below.



V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/28/18

Read “Things That Matter”, by Charles Krauthammer

August 5, 2014

Read “Things That Matter”, by Charles Krauthammer

I judge that Charles Krauthammer is the most articulate, incisive, accurate and correct of all modern media commentators.

I highly recommend his new book, “Things That Matter”. It provides amazing perspectives on virtually all things that will matter to you.

I recently listened to the audio version of this book on my way to and from the U.P. of Michigan.

One of his expositions shook me to the core and I have thought of it often ever since. It was his unforgettable discussion the fact that, so far, we appear to be alone in the universe. An unimaginably vast universe with countless planets that could support!! intelligent life.

How could this be so?!  Of course Judeo/Christian doctrine provides one answer: God created us, and only us, on Planet Earth.

Charles Krauthammer provides yet another foreboding possibility based upon the likely universality of “intelligent” self-destruction.

The following is an unforgettable intellectual feast, and there is much more where this came from.

V. Tom Mawhinney,  8/5/14

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