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“Shaping” New Socialists in America

April 5, 2019

“Shaping” New Socialists in America.

In psychology we call all that follows, the “Differential Reinforcement of Successive Approximations”, or “Shaping”, for short. You need to know about this because it is the method that socialist/communist revolutionaries are using to transform America.

Shaping is a technical term that refers to a procedure in which a desired end-state behavior pattern that is not present in someone, or in this case, a population of someone’s….slowly becomes prominent.

At the beginning of the procedure, any action that even remotely resembles the desired end-state behavior pattern is rewarded. As part of this approach, behavior that is incompatible, or competing with with the desired end-state behavior pattern. is not rewarded. The lack of rewards for non-desired behaviors reduces the frequency of occurrence of those behavior patterns, while the rewarded behavior patterns increase in frequency. 

It is often useful to combine measures of frequency with units of time. It is appropriate to call an increase of frequency of some behavior pattern in a fixed unit of time, an increased rate of that behavior pattern.

While shaping a behavior pattern, punishment can be added for incompatible or competing behavior in the form of social censure, legal persecution, material/financial loss, imprisonment, the administration of pain (torture), or threats of all of the previous and other forms of aversive treatment. The addition of punishment for unwanted behavior patterns can speed-up the shaping progress. But, if the punishments are too intense, or too often used, they can cause individuals and populations to rebel and counter-aggress against the shapers. Much as America did during its revolution against Great Britain.

Skilled shapers provide rewards to individuals or populations following the desired behavior patterns, at each of a series of successive steps, until the desired end-state behavior patterns happen at acceptable rates of occurrence. 

The shaping procedure is like atomic energy: It is neither moral or immoral, it is amoral. Its morality is determined by the uses to which it is applied as well as its produced outcomes.

It is best that this “shaping of behavior” process move in small steps and at a reasonably slow pace, over a some workable period of time. If punishment is used along the the teaching way is is best used very sparingly and ideally, not at all. 

It is important to note that if this process moves along successfully; individual’s or populations of individual’s thoughts, beliefs and attitudes will normally also changed in support of the the learned end-state behavior patterns.

Many other psychological laws and principles will be concurrently embedded within the procedure of shaping. However, they are too numerous and complex to describe here and unnecessary to understand the main message of this blog.

But, please understand the following:

  • Many socialist/ communist revolutionary’s have learned how to skillfully employ this shaping method.
  • They understand that revolution using primarily punishment, at the point-of-a-gun, and  the harsh control of populations can lead to counter aggression and counter-revolution against the shapers.
  • They know that it is most effective to target children and younger citizens, who’s behavior is more easily shaped in comparison to that of adults. 
  • They use many other psychological principles to influence the actions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of the young. 
  • If done well, the shaping method will likely lead to pacified and dramatically changed population’s preference patterns in favor of its own changing behavior patterns.

It is important to understand this: Socialists/communists and their allies have been shaping the population of America away from its founding behavior patterns, beliefs, and attitudes towards their own for many decades. Tragically, this shaping procedure  is working exactly the way the science of psychology predicts that it will!

Finally, understand that when socialist/communist behavior and preference patterns are shaped in a young population, within a Democratic Republic such as our own, all that is needed for great success, is that “the shapers” have success with only a  determinant percent of the voting population.

Know also, that the youthful population, over-time, will out-reproduce the aging generation. This is also true of youthful immigrant populations. These parenting generations will likely teach their children their own behavior patterns, beliefs and attitudes. 

There is much more to the Psychology of America’s Decline, but that is for my future blogs.

Wake-Up America! But it may already be too late.

I want to thank my dear friend Howard Hawkin’s for sending these displays to me; thus inspiring me to put them in a science of psychology context.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/4/19

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Health Services Provider in Psychology




Happy Holidaze: The Barbarians Are Here!

December 28, 2016

Happy Holidaze: The Barbarians Are Here!

Yes, folks, the barbarians are here….and they are us.

I wish I could conclude that this is just a passing fad, but my particular brand of logic will not let me so so.

Furthermore, I cannot exclusively blame our-soon-to be ex-President Obama for this horrific social mess.

There is no doubt in my analysis that President Obama has worsened race relations, riots and murderous attacks upon America’s police officers; and generally damaged America more than any President in history. However, he has only been a liberating force for the subterranean volcanic forces that have been building in America for decades. I fear that the greatest eruptions are yet to occur.

The American electorate absolutely must understand that progressive-radical liberal socialist policies are catalytic to population dependency, irresponsibility, immorality, licentiousness, lawlessness, and frustration or pleasure-based aggression. Taken together these are the components of America’s increasingly barbaric population behavior patterns.

As a psychologist, I cannot miss the fact that the ideology and values of progressive-radical liberal socialism lead to REWARDS for dependency, irresponsibility, immorality and licentiousness. It should be obvious that PERMISSIVENESS in the form of a lack of EFFECTIVE PUNISHMENTS for bad behavior stimulates all of our problem behaviors and especially liberates population lawlessness and aggression.

These same destructive progressive-radical liberal socialist contingencies also lead pernicious levels of governmental corruption that now threaten the very existence of our American Constitutional Republic.

Wake-Up America: Vote true conservative!

Click on the picture below to see this documenting article and its video.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S. God Bless my dear Sally, and our families, on this our 53rd wedding anniversary.

P.S. 2, No, the headline below is wrong…it is not “Teen Boredom” at the root of their barbarian actions. That is an ignorant attribution.


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