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President Obama: The Bible Hater Who Favors Islam!

March 9, 2012

President Obama: The Bible Hater Who Favors Islam!

Yes, I know, my title sounds like highly emotional propagandistic hyperbole. Well, it is not.  That is not what I will ever do on my blog.

Look folks, as Newt Gingrich recently said about Obama..and I must paraphrase…the only way to know what Obama will do is to watch his behavior.

How true that is.  I will add, the best way to predict Obama’s future behavior is to watch his past behavior. Obama’s B.S. walks and  his behavior talks!

Obama’s antipathy and towards Biblical traditions and values is so well documented that a rational and informed individual simply cannot deny it.

Please take the time to accommodate the truth. You simply must read the following.

Wake-Up America!

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