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12-Steps To Destroy America: Happening Now!

August 24, 2018

12-Steps To Destroy America: Happening Now!

Wake-Up Ignorant Americans!

Study this information and send it to everyone you know.

I challenge anyone to disprove that all of these 12 steps to destroying a society, are not now well-underway in America

Please take my challenge!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/24/18

Rabbi Gives Practical Advice To America: Beware of “Fairness” and “Equality”!

March 21, 2014

Rabbi Gives Practical Advice To America: Beware of “Fairness and “Equality”!

I have had Jews as friends while I was growing-up, my father had Jewish friends, I have had clients who are Jews, and I have done business with Jews.

These relationships have all been very fine ones and I deeply respect the Jewish Faith as-well-as their traditions.

I am a strong supporter of Israel, so long as it continues to remain on the side of moral superiority and freedom for its people.

The Rabbi that you will meet in this video has some interesting lessons to teach all Americans. I hope you will take some time to listen to a very learned man of God who brings us great practical advice about preserving our historical way of life.

The video I hope you will view is in a small window at the bottom of this short article (it can be enlarged) . The irritating advertisement preceding this video is  over quickly…thankfully. 

VTM, 3/21/14

Obama Accelerates Collapse of America?…Hell Yes!

February 18, 2014

Obama Accelerates Collapse of America? Hell Yes!

Please read the following article related to my long-standing conclusion as stated in the title of this blog.

If you wish to discuss, or debate the issues involved, I will be happy to hear from you.

VTM, 2/18/14

Raise The Minimum Wage…Not!

December 21, 2013

Raise The  Minimum Wage…Not!

Well, it sounds good. But it will simply mean that the employer will hand the extra costs of the mandated raises to workers over to the customers…who will not pay it.

So, what is the solutions? Lay-of a significant proportion of the work force in order to keep costs lower to the business and to the customer. When we raise the minimum wage, people loose jobs as a result. This is high school economics.

If you think that the customer is willing to assume the increases in price to fund a hike in the minimum wage….Think Again.

Enjoy the following hilarious illustration of what happens when the personal consequences of mandated wage-hikes hit well-intentioned, but profoundly uninformed, consumers.

VTM, 12/20/13

Our Pathological Lier Commander and Chief

October 24, 2012

Our Pathological Liar Commander and Chief

Think I exaggerate? Take a look..Reality will set your free, but first it will make you miserable!

VTM, 10/24/12

President and Mrs. Obama’s Stance on Partial Birth Abortions

October 24, 2012

President and Mrs. Obama’s Stance on Partial Birth Abortions

Just plain wrong on so many issues.

VTM, 10/24/12

The Barbarians Are Coming: The Are Our Children!

June 22, 2012

The Barbarians Are Coming: The Are Our Children!

I urge you to watch the video below. You may have already seen it in the news, but you should watch it again. The images must sink-in and haunt us all.

The lady who is bullied by these ghastly kids reminds me of my own wonderful grandmother, long passed-away. I have fantasized grabbing them by the scruff of their necks….a certain trip to jail and financial ruin.

What is the cause of this horrific scene?

It is so many things, it is hard to count them. But you can be sure that it is US! It is our own actions that they have grown-up watching and they are now imitating those actions. Whether we behave to our spouses, or others, in this fashion; portrayals  of such despicable behavior in the media that they see; whether we neglect their moral and ethical education at home, through our churches and in our public schools; whether we are permissive and too uncaring or cowardly to discipline them, it all goes to our own creation of barbaric and unprincipled children.  

One other factor that no one seems to be mentioning is the break-down of the nuclear family. Our divorce rate has been around 50% for decades. Research shows that boys raised without fathers are prone to becoming either feminized or hyper-aggressive. The aggression is often focused upon the mother and other females. I see this in divorced families, or with single mothers on a near daily basis in my psychological practice of  33 years. 

We can worry about the terrorists, the Russians, the Chinese, the General Election, The economy, cyber attacks, the energy crisis, the Fast and Furious mess, and countless other matters….

But, for me,  the following video is more indicative of our cultural demise than all of these other fearsome “boogeymen in America’s basement”–put together.

VTM, 6/22/12

See the real face of our undoing in this video.



So We Shouldn’t Call Our Fallen Service Men and Women Hero’s?!

May 28, 2012

So, We Shouldn’t Call Our Fallen Service Men and Women Hero’s?!

I say draft this wimpy jack-ass, give him a rifle, and put him on the front-line.

If he makes it back, I might listen to him.

VTM, 5/28/12

View the following to see another example of our cultural decline.

Obama’s Life “A Fairy Tale”: Actually A Nightmare!

May 13, 2012

Obama’s Life “A Fairy Tale”:  Actually A Nightmare!

This is the first video documenting the lies and deceptions foisted upon the American public by world shadow forces who have created the storied “Manchurian Candidate” for President of the United States.

But, this time it is for real.

You absolutely must see the following documentation of our horrific National mistake.

VTM, 5/13/12




Mamet On America: Please, Please See The Video

May 10, 2012

Mamet On America: Please, Please See The Video

Many will not recognize the name, David Mamet. He is an icon writer/producer of plays and other entertainment venues. Once a strong liberal, virtually a prerequisite for success in the entertainment industry, he has become a highly intellectual conservative.

As a result, you will find that he is stunningly articulate and powerfully informed regarding our political spectrum.

It is essential that America hear his views.

You may choose to skip the reading, though I hope you will not. But, please do not fail to see this video interview of David Mamet.

Also, consider purchasing and reading his new book mentioned in the video. It is a powerful commentary on the evolution of America’s Culture.

VTM, 5/10/12

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