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Tucker: America’s Marxist Revolution #3 (Politicians Cower to Mob!)

July 2, 2020

Tucker: America’s Marxist Revolution #3 (Politicians Cower to Mob!)

Many more of Tucker Carlson’s monologues will follow this one. If you have previously read my introduction, future versions of this blog (# 3, 4,….) will remain the same so you can conveniently skip it if you like…or refresh your memory of some of the significant factors in America’s decline and increasingly easy target for a Marxist Revolution.

Don’t miss Tucker’s powerful presentations of America’s Marxist Revolution reality.

It is my psychological rule-of-thumb that: “The perception of reality will set you free.” The perception of reality will also return freedom to America! 


Most citizens are not even remotely aware of the pending death of their precious, in all of the world, American culture.

Over the generations, a great number of our citizens have been “Transformed” (former President Obama’s favorite word) into ignorant, hedonistic, addicted, stuporous, dependent, irresponsible, antisocial, avowed socialists and communists; even anti-American barbarian anarchists. 

All of this has been accomplished by the leftist propaganda machines in so many of our government schools, our phony leftist news media, and the perverted and antisocial entertainment media. All of this has been further catalyzed by governmentally supported attacks upon America’s traditional values, sex roles/identities and the family; as well as attacks on the power of our churches, traditional holidays and now, both sacred and historical monuments.

These cultural damages have paved the way for more leftist attacks upon America’s other sustaining institutions: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Sea Scouts, school clubs and athletics (i.e., LGBTQ clubs, transgenders in bathrooms, showers, and males in female athletics). The same goes for our legal system’s laws, courts, police departments, jails, and prisons; and even both of America’s political parties…through the murderous hidden tendrils of the so called “Deep State”, bent on the destruction of our Constitutional government via the deeply sociopathic Democrats and a significant percent of fake Republicans (“Rinos”).

If all of this is not enough, more than three generations of increasingly leftist parents have raised their own increasingly leftist future generations. And there is much more!

America’s Tipping Point is near,

It now appears that only one man, and his close Republican associates, are capable of crushing the revolutionary cabal that now threatens to destroy America.

This is our fiercely independent and too-often crude and discourteous, though deeply patriotic warier for a free America, President Donald Trump.

But, in order for President Trump to defeat America’s Marxist Revolution, a vast majority of our voting citizens must understand the true nature of the internal and external forces of America’s great undoing.

No one I have ever seen is as truthful and stunningly powerful in his crystal-clear explanations of the many facets of the Leftist/Marxist Revolution now destroying America as Tucker Carson. No one!

I implore you to watch Tucker, Judge for yourself, and then vote accordingly. Please forgive the brief ad.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/3/20









Back Safe and Sound!

January 11, 2010

Back Safe and Sound!

It was a wonderful trip with my dear wife, Sally, and our very special old friends.

Transiting the Panama Canal was a stunning experience: a reminder of “Bully Times” for America and the strong  Presidential leadership of Teddy Roosevelt. The human sacrifices required to build this canal were unimaginable.

My visits to the countries of Central America brought many  conflicted images and feelings. There were marvelous mountainous vistas with lush rain forests mixed with expanses of public domains glistening in the sun with dense fields of  plastic bottles and containers of all descriptions, broken chairs and tables,  and all manner of refuse in the ditches and on the hillsides.

There were a great  many wonderful, kind and courteous  people who we met along with a few civilians who were openly carrying AK 47’s. In Acapulco, there were police armed with assault rifles everywhere. 

At some of  the ship’s landings other citizens  aggressively hounded us to buy their products or ride in their cabs–one literally chased me as I tried to politely decline and get away.

I will never forget a bus tour guide  who received a phone call as he guided us, telling him that he a won a trip to the United States as “guide of the year” from his tour company. Near tears, he announced to us that this was one of the greatest days of his life. This man was, in fact, one of the finest guides I had ever seen. As a child in Nicaragua, his parents were targeted during the civil war by the Sandinistas and they fled for their lives to the U.S.. Sometime after the end of the revolution, he returned to Nicaragua as a patriot. His parents had since passed away and he spoke so very lovingly of  his country, its struggle to develop its resources, and his  great hopes for its future. I can only pray for the best for this man and all his fellow citizens.

Beyond the city, in the hills and mountains, are a great many people who scratch out a living by selling the art, artifacts and foods that they make to tourists. There are very small businesses everywhere attached to crudely constructed tin and wooden hovels that are homes. The economy there is socialistic and I can see no other workable option for them at this time. School through college and medicine are free. There were  great numbers of adults laying in hammocks or sitting on steps or at  tables on dirt side yards in the shade of tropical trees and plants. The cities bustled in contrast to great inactivity in outlying  areas where the relative population  indolence associated with socialism was plain to see.

In Mexico, my friend Vic and I went skin diving, as we have since adolescence. The Pacific waters were warm and inviting and we saw the familiar sights of reefs and colorful tropical fish along with an unexpected gift from the sea. This “gift” was a blowfish, all puffed-up to about twelve inches in diameter. This dear creature tolerated our gently holding and inspecting him, before we let it go on its slow and wobbly way.

One painful memory will not go away. Now by my computer is a small and darling brightly colored ceramic tropical bird. It  is a child’s whistle. While waiting, after a tour to board our ship in Nicaragua, many children were on the dock selling these little tickets in the hot sun. One little unhappy looking sales girl caught my eye and she reminded my of my own little granddaughter. She was perhaps seven years old and brightly attired in native colors and dress. I assumed that her parents had sent her to work on the docks. I felt sad for her and wondered about the future that she would have.

On impulse, I gave her a five dollar bill for one of her little 50 cent  whistles and she looked stunned as I smiled, thanked her and walked away.  Within a second a boy of about ten years was bumping into me and  desperately asking for money…”Please sir, for me, for me”! Stunned, I saw other sales children watching. I said “No,  I’m sorry” and I walked away. As I walked, a sickening feeling grew in my stomach. Both the boy, and now I, had been traumatized by my gift to the little girl.

I am still troubled by my not giving some money to this boy, but then there would have been another child begging and still more…but this excuse does not make the thought of my saying ” No” to this boy any easier on me.

I will never forget the sound of the boy’s voice, “Please sir, for me, for me!”, and I will always feel sad for him and all of the other children.

It felt so good to return to my home in America. Yes, we are in trouble here, and things are far from perfect. But it is still a most wonderful place on earth to live, raise our families and grow old. We must fight the destructive forces of our undoing to  keep it that way.

Finally, I love ships and the sea.  I hope I  never have to fly anywhere ever again.

V. Thomas Mawhinney    1/11/2010

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