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“No Federal Funds For Ground Zero Mosque”

August 30, 2011

No Federal Funds For Ground Zero Mosque

The preceding is Dick Morris’ and Eileen McGann’s title for their article about the possible U.S. Governmental funding for building an Islamic Mosque at ground zero.

As a  psychologist, I fear that  America has had a psychotic breakdown. If this actually happens and our taxes are spent to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, when it is against our laws for the government  to build any church, my fears are confirmed. 

And New York will prohibit indiginous religious leaders from participating in the up-coming  9/11 commemoration ceremony?!!

America will need to be on a regimen of antipsychotic medication.

You must read the following article about this great threat to America.

Also, you must  watch the video which follows, in which Mr. Morris explains his concerns.

I hope you will sign Dick Morris’ petition to quash this Islamic Stealth Jihad initiative in America.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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