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Like Flees On A Coyote

February 12, 2010

Like Flees On A Coyote

I once observed an old coyote in the woods of the upper peninsula in Michigan. The poor creature moved slowly and painfully along an open field, just outside the tree line.

Every five steps or so,  the coyote suddenly dropped to the ground  and scratched itself madly. After a couple of minutes, it moved a few more feet, only to repeat this tortured attempt to escape what the agony of its infestation with fleas.  This poor creature was trying to hunt and occasionally rammed its nose into mounds of grass, all for naught. It was very thin and its body showed  large patches skin scratched raw and clean of  fur. I am sure that this poor coyote did not live very long after I saw it that day.

Like the fleas on that poor old coyote, Muslim terrorists will bite at us by the thousands. They will sap our resources, disrupt our efforts to sustain ourselves, and they will destroy our vitality and ability to fight on.

This is the modus operandi of vermin.

We must adopt whatever new war strategies are  necessary.  Now— at any cost—we must ruthlessly exterminate these terrorists and whoever stands with them. We must do this  before America, like that worn-down mangy old coyote, is weakened and no longer able to defend itself effectively.

With our full support,  America’s armed forces and their allies must find the terrorists wherever they are and they must kill them.

The survival of the free world  is on the line.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/12/10

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