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Laughing All-The-Way: Down!

April 23, 2022

VTM, 4/23/2022

Raiding Our Emergiency Oil Reserves: Obama is Lethal to America

June 25, 2011

Raiding Our Emergency Oil Reserves: Obama is Lethal to America

Now, lets see if I’ve got this right. Our government will not let us increase our oil production. Other sources of energy needed to run our country are only a dream at this time.  We have recently made financial contributions to another country, so that it can increase its oil production. We are in the middle of World War III. You may think that I am overstating the case, but I do not. We are in a long-term struggle to kill radical Islam before it kills us. Radical Islam is attacking us from inside of our borders with increasing frequency. Radical Islam is fighting Western Culture in nearly every other strategic country in the world.

It requires oil (or some other comparable sources of energy) to sustain a modern socioculture and to fight and win a war.

The Obama administration is now using our strategic oil reserves to sustain our common social needs. He is consuming our back-up emergency supply of oil, to be used only in times of great crisis (war, or cataclysmic disasters).

What the hell is going on?! Using our strategic emergency oil supplies, with no ability to replenish them?! All of this, while the American citizenry remains deaf, dumb, and silent. I fear that we are getting what we deserve.

I have told you that the Obama administration is attempting to destroy the economic engine that drives and supports our socioculture. My statement seems outrageous, even to me. I search for evidence to the contrary.

I cannot find it.

How would you classify raiding our emergency strategic oil reserves, at this time in our history, with no way to replenish what is used?

I call it another, in a long series, of self-destructive acts.

Wake-Up America!


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