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Not Learning From History!?

May 11, 2020

Not Learning From History!?

A very smart friend of mine wrote me about why people do not seem to learn from history. I think he is on to something.

See what you think!

“What we have learned from a study of history is that people don’t learn from history. Everyone believes that they are the exception because they know better, having learned from a study of history!”

I have heard leftist/socialists and other revolutionaries express this general message in many ways. They might say, and I paraphrase: “Well, they just did it the wrong way. Trust us…we’ll get it right this time”!

With my friends quotation in mind, I would like to add some my thoughts that are very well with his own.

Many people are not smarter than laboratory animals in a Skinner Box. This, in-the-sense, that many people can see no further into the future than the relatively immediate easy or free rewards they are given.

This is true in all societies, where the match made-in-hell is the great many sociopaths, psychopaths, and antisocial personality types that look for ways to addict populations to the largess they can dispense in their roles as politicians. These felonious scoundrels give-away taxes paid by citizens ,who work very hard to earn a living, to those who do not and will not.  These strategic and unprincipled politicians dispense these rewards in order to gain power and stay in control of society.

These dirty and selfish politicians are very smart, manipulative and morally impaired. They are devoid of a conscience about the harm they do to the long-term welfare of their constituents and to the declining health and welfare of America’s Constitutional Republic.

These traitors to America (and other societies) lie, cheat and manipulate the systems as long as they can. They likely know that their grand ponzie scheme cannot go-on forever. These crooks just need it to-go on as long as they are in office and until they make their millions. Beyond this, they don’t seem to give a damn about the predictable bad outcomes for their socioculture.

Finally, the generations of youths raised under leftist/Marxist regimes are simply propagandized for decades by their “transformed”  media, school systems, some churches, as well as their equally propagandized peers.

As a result, these youthful voting citizens are blinded by their strongly inculcated destructive ideology. They may be very smart, but their rock-solid radical liberal belief system is as immediately gratifying to them as it has always been culturally self-defeating, even suicidal in the long-run.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/11/20

Trump vs. Hillary: How To Decide?!

August 6, 2016

Trump vs. Hillary: How To Decide!?

This is actually not such a hard decision after-all. 

All one needs do is consider the personalities involved and focus upon their proposals. This is the only approach that will enhance the possibility that America can begin to reverse its rate of cultural, economic and international decline.

Blindly following your traditional party affiliation will likely doom your homeland to further decline.

Many see Hillary as a narcissistic lying sociopath. Many see Trump the same way.  

It is an undeniable fact that Hillary has a long well-documented record of baldfaced lies about almost anything and everything. If you don’t believe me, just read (or see the movie) entitled “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”, by Dinesh D’Souza.

The documentation of Hillary’s amazing history of  continuous lies, deceit and abuse of people and power is undeniable. There are degrees of sociopathy and from all that I can tell she is at the top of the class of high-level functioning sociopaths (perhaps comparable to Bernie Madoff, the convicted investment advisor, or her devious and sexually predatory husband, Bill Clinton).

Without a doubt, Trump shows all of the signs of being a narcissist. Of course, there are degrees of this personality problem as well, the worse leaving the afflicted individual incapable of sustaining relationships with intimate others. Clearly, Trump does not display this level of incapacitation. He has sustained many friendships, many speak of his kindness and thoughtfulness to others, and he has raised children who appear to be outstanding citizens.

Clearly, he has a stunning level of self-confidence and he is always willing to brag about his accomplishments. To many this tendency is excessive, offensive, off-putting…and even nauseating!

Yet, with a few failures in his life noted, he ultimately remains a paragon of success at achieving his goals.

What are his goals?

  • Achieving great economic success
  • Building major material projects on time and under budget
  • Consulting with, and quickly learning from experts, all that is needed to achieve his goals
  • Selecting highly successful managers, without regard to sex, race or creed. Skill and promise are his only criteria.
  • Negotiating tough deals with tough competitors that favor his own interests (Soon to be America’s interests)
  • Charming people and maintaining long-term productive relationships
  • Supporting an extensive, close and loving family
  • Teaching his children to conduct themselves and their business enterprises in ways that consistently lead to success
  • Massively contributing to the economic and material success of the American economy and physical environment

With these things considered, it is time for the “final analysis”!

If Hillary Clinton is elected and achieves only one-third of what she promises (raising taxes and doubling-down on Obama’s Transformation of America to Socialism) she will all but destroy our once Great America.

If Donald Trump is elected and achieves one-third of what he promises, he will begin a dramatic American recovery from the brink of our steep decline into the world history of failed great societies.

This election may be our Nation’s most fateful one and we are in the greatest danger ever in our very short history.

We may long for better candidates, but there are only two that could possibly win the Presidency.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against America and for the socialism’s of Europe, Venezuela, and Brazil, etc.

Failing to vote, at all, is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

A vote for Trump is a vote for saving America and improving the lives of all of its citizens.

For American Patriots, this decision should not be a difficult one.

Vote for Donald Trump!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/6/16

Practicing Psychologist

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend




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