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What Increases Social Entropy?

August 20, 2010

What Increases Social Entropy?

The following comment was sent by Howard Hawkins.

The Social Entropy that you define,and elaborate on should include the ‘Laws” of that socioculture which can sustain or drain.
Two socicultures that come to mind,with laws that drained, was the Roman Empire’s persecution of the Christians, and Germany’s (WWII) persecution of the Jews.

You may have intuitively included ‘Laws” in your comments,if so then please excuse my novice interpretation.

My response:

Howard, Thanks so much for your insightful remarks.

You got it, my friend! Social Entropy is simply my proposed measure of sociocultural health and viability. The factors that can influence social entropy levels are a great many. Certainly laws that are passed (or not enforced) are one category. But, any cultural practice, whether it be law, economic rule changes, pollution control (and much more); or changes in mores’ and folkways that increase population inebreant use, gambling, displays and acceptance of irresponsible sexual behavior, the breakdown of traditional families, aggression, and crime, etc., etc., also increases social entropy. There have been many changes since the 1950’s that appear to be increasing social entropy America.

The way I see it, increasing social entropy signifies decreasing health and viability for any culture in which it occurs.

The factors that increase or decrease social entropy is a large area for discussion. I will bet that you can identify a host of factors that would appear to be very likely to do so.

This is an area of sociocultural and cross-sociocultural research that is badly needed.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 8/20/10

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