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Great Britain Accepting Sharia Law!

October 27, 2018

Great Britain Accepting Sharia Law!

Yes, who would have thought it would ever occur in the Mother-Land of America.

I know people who are vehement that the growing Muslim population in America could never implement Sharia Law here. They are wrong and I will set-about demonstrating this progression after the mid-term elections.

For now, please see what is happening within the cradle of Western Civilization.

Also, please send this to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/27/18

P.S., Look up past blogs on Islam, Sharia, and Jihad in my search box. Fill in the box and tap enter.

Sharia Law Is Coming: Unless We Stop It!

November 19, 2013

Sharia Law Is Coming: Unless We Stop It!

Most folks have no idea of the great menace that Islam’s stealth Jihad and Sharia Law is to Western Civilization and to America.

I have sounded the warning many times. But, America is sleep-walking to a fearsome future.


Please see the following video for a very rude awakening. Also, for additional information, I hope you will go to my search box (upper right of page) enter “Sharia Law” and tap return. I am doing my best to inform you.

VTM, 11/19/13

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