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Sodom and Gamorha America: Sorry for the Dirty Pictures

April 30, 2017

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner on steroids.

Ok, I am not really sorry for the “dirty pictures” in today’s blog.

They  are, after all, relatively tame and tragically common-fare in all the world and for all people (children, teens and adults) capable of connecting to the internet.

As a college professor, I called my research area Behavioral Contagion. That is, the spread of important behavior patterns within cultures via certain biological, psychological and social forms of contact among individuals or groups of individuals. The amazing phenomenon of globalization, transportation advances and the expansion of various media into virtually every single persons life in advanced cultures has exponentially catalyzed the rate of behavioral contagion processes around the world.

One of my professional publications was on the topic of Behavioral Sexual Maladaption Contagion in America. In this article I predicted the dramatic rise is sexual licentiousness and its associated social problems. The sociocultural impact of increased rates of ungoverned sexual behavior is now one great class of  problems (among many) that comprise a synergism accelerating America’s cultural decline.

It is admittedly a challenging read, but I believe it will be worth your effort.

Click to access Behavioral-Sexual-Maladaptation-Contagion-in-America.pdf

Historically, various mechanisms of behavioral contagion (for better and for worse) likely gained power incrementally and at a comparatively slow rate. Therefore, I would assume that we call “cultural evolution”, or change also, with some notable exceptions, proceeded relatively slowly.

Alvin Toffler once wrote a prophetic book entitled “Future Shock”. The title implies many of the unique psychological traumas that afflict our “post-modern world” and all of us. I recommend that you read because it will allow you a better understanding of what is happening to you and your society.

I once wrote a book entitled Rewarding Parenthood/Rewarding Childhood. This labor of love was published in 1978, by J.P. Tarcher Inc. and distributed by St. Martin’s Press.

Sadly, my book was off the market within a year. My sage and wonderfully humorous dear Uncle Clint easily diagnosed the problem with my book: “You needed to put some dirty pictures in it”!

This blog is dedicated to my beloved Uncle Clint.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,    4/30/17

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