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February 13, 2013


Stopping The Wreck: Professor’s Research Builds A Case That We’re Losing The Battle To Save American Society

By Bob Caylor of the News Sentinel, Fort Wayne In., November 17, 1994

This is the continuation of the newspaper article explaining my research and theories on America’s decline


Part Four


No one is raised in utter isolation, and people–particularly children–are influenced to an extraordinary degree by what happens to them and around them.

Just as people can spread a cold or the flu among themselves, so can behavior spread.

“That thoughts, emotions and actions can spread from on individual to others is a well-established fact…we have all felt the powerful contagious influence of someone’s yawn and also their happiness, sadness, fear or anger,” Mawhinney said.

“For example, individuals who were born and raised in the circumstances of the ghetto may move into a peripheral area to sell drugs. The greater availability of drugs in this new area will then lead to increased rates of addiction within that segment of the population. Increasing rates of addiction will, in turn, lead to the spread of incompetent and damaging behavior patterns such as juvenile delinquncey, robbery, murder, child neglect and abuse, family disorganization, child abandonment, intellectual impairment and underachievement, and more,” he said.

Although there’s debate over whether sex and violence depicted by the media lower sexual standards and encourage violence, the argument’s over in Mawhinney’s mind.

He’s satisfied that what we see, read and hear influences us, whether it’s news or fiction. He’s convinced by research linking acts of violence on television with increased aggression in toddlers. He’s particularly adamant about the influence of sexual depictions, or worse yet, the intermingling of sexual and violent themes. Sometimes he shows parts of “I Spit on Your Grave” to his students to show them–in stomach-turning detail–an agent of contagion.

“You can go to the video-rental store, in the horror section, and you can see simulated anal rape…and assault by a woman getting even for anal rape. You can see her cut the penis off a man in a bathtub with blood going everywhere and him shrieking…this is contagion,” he said.

As The population increases and as a greater share of the population clusters in urban areas, the density with which people pack together makes contagion a greater risk, he argues.

“I’m just suggesting that the more dense the population, the more likely that the alcoholic’s behavior will impact on more people. The child molester, the pedophiliac, will have hundreds of victims…I think population density is catalytic to contagion, period.”

In the next part five, learn how the mechanisms of Sociocultural Entropy weaken the viability of our Nation.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/13/13

Sex, Lies, and Cultural Survival

June 11, 2011

Sex, Lies, and Cultural Survival

I imagine that most everyone has something of a sexual nature that they have done, that they do not want to be known publicly.

Most folks simply do not talk about such things and, mercifully, they are not questioned in detail about their sexual histories. Many private indiscretions occurred when people were very young, perhaps in their teens. These may be indicative of very little with regard to future problem behavior, but sometimes such events can be. 

Probing questions about private potentially pathological and damaging private stuff are perfectly appropriate for those who seek our trust:  These are people who our society will trust with great power and great responsibility, and they will serve the public in ways requiring the highest standards of personal conduct, impulse control, and honesty.

This is why in many states police and fire candidates are asked, during a polygraph evaluation and other questionnaires and interviews, if they have ever engaged in non-conscentual sex or if they have ever done something sexual with someone under age.  As a psychologist who does psychological evaluations as part of the screening process for such community servants and “first responders”, I am convinced that such questions are perfectly appropriate. These candidates know in advance that they must meet exceptional standards to become trusted agents of their society. If they do not like such intrusions into their private lives, they need not apply for such positions.

Why should it be any different for this Nation’s politicians? What could be more important than shepherding this Nations well-fare?

Why should it be any different for this Nations teachers, day-care workers, and clergymen and women, charged with the responsibility of shaping the intellect and moral development of our children?

In my view, politicians and others vested with our sacred trust, should have to undergo the same psychological evaluations that police officers and firefighters undergo. The predictions about the quality of individual’s future performance is not perfect,  but it does screen out the most flagrant behavior problems and problem personalities.  This prevents a great deal of damage and expense to cities, departments, citizens and our collective well-being.

It is popular among “enlightened” people (who are sometimes pitifully psychologically naive) to say: ” I don’t care about the person’s private life, that’s separate from their job.  Well, in many cases, it certainly is not.  If  individuals are willing to break sexual laws, or forsake solemn promises about sexual fidelity to their spouses, and then lie publicly about this or other illegal and  immoral behavior, it is foolish and risky to assume they will be honest and loyal to their fellow politicians, the electorate, our judicial system, and the media. The same can be said of those who care for our children.

Regarding our politicians, no matter the party, illegal sexual behavior and lying to cover it up should be reason enough for termination from office.

Regarding recent politician’s sexual misbehavior and dishonesty, I have not named any names. The same is true of  our religious leaders, etc. The names do not matter: nor does gender, race,  religious denomination, or political affiliation. Once an individual shows a complex response class of  lying, cheating,  and law breaking, it is prudent to assume that such actions will manifest in a variety of covert and difficult to discover ways that are damaging to our common good.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Is It Personal Freedom or Social Anarchy?!

August 4, 2009

The Freedom Foible 

 “We are special creatures in the universe and therefore we should be truly free. To be truly free, with the exception of a very few prohibitions, we must never restrict or heavily influence the actions of any person.”

“Therefore whatever an advertiser, artist, director, producer, disk jockey, singer, or actor, etc., wishes to call self-expression must be given full access to the American mass media.”

A culture which trumpets and showcases strong drug culture humor, music and ethics; florid blood, gut, and brain splattering images; loin stimulating sexual actions or innuendo in most adds, songs, sit-coms, and soaps; is not free—it is delusional.

Such a culture believes it offers it’s youth total freedom. Instead, it powerfully influences them in the directions of bondage to drugs and alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity and teenage pregnancy, infidelity, venereal disease, suicide, hedonism and self-centeredness.

It will be a tragic epitaph that once upon a time, the greatest and most promising nation on earth withered and died because it summoned all of its intelligence and all of its technology and inculcated barbarism into its infants and children.

All of this, done in the pursuit of something which never has and never will exist—pure freedom for the individual.

Do not confuse personal freedom with social anarchy.

 Billy Budd


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