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Secure The Border, Dammit!

June 22, 2013

Secure The Border, Dammit!

A culture that fails to control its borders is committing suicide.

Politicians care only about the short-term….namely their own short terms and as many as they can get. Above all, most care about amassing power and wealth. The freedom-for-all that was the dream of our Founding Fathers be damned! The long-termĀ  health and well-fare of their own culture be damned!

Vote the bastards out!

Establish term limits for politicians. Terminate special benefits beyond those of average citizens. Terminate all of their specialĀ  legal immunities. Establish a life-time ban on becoming lobbyists upon retirement. Forbid government workers and politicians to “Take the 5th” when being questioned about the work they are doing for us: They are our employees, we hired them and we have a right to know exactly what they are doing for us and to us. Swiftly and severely punish politicians who break the law!

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VTM, 6/22/13

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