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The Church Will Lead?

January 16, 2020

The Church Will Lead?

It is clear to me, a Christian, that our great many churches have been trying to lead America back in the direction of honesty, integrity, and pro-social behavior. But, tragically, this powerful force for the good of all, even defiant atheists, has been marginalized and neutered by our federal government that has increasingly restricted the spheres in which churches and its populations of faith can display and demonstrate their precepts, values and traditions. Of course, there are other determinants of cultural decline, but this anti-religion evolution in America is a self-inflicted culturally destructive act. Perhaps it is not too late. An immediate reversal is essential for survival.

Yes, our economy is booming. But, the declining quality of America’s citizen’s behavior is a harbinger of very bad things to come.

Can you not see this?!

Who could possibly miss the fact that there has been an accelerating growth of “Hellish” places and behavior patterns within America over the past 50 years.

If all levels of the government will simply get the hell out of our way; tolerant and peaceful religions may then, once again, exert increased levels of their beneficial influences within all of America’s communities. 

If you think such a change is unimportant, I challenge you tell me what other organizations, agencies, social entities or media in America are systematically and successfully working to teach our population to respect, love and care for one-another.  The truth is that anything that you might identify cannot remotely compare to the influences that churches had in the lives of families and virtually every other facet of society 50 years ago. Perhaps you would read, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, by Robert Putnam

To my critics who may not have done their research on a critically important topic; the phrase“Separation of Church and State” never was written to mean that the government was to forbid religious activity on public property, or within the government. See for your self:

Most Americans do not know that Thomas Jefferson wrote this isolated statement about “Separation of Church and State” to a group of American religious leaders in order to assure them that: the government should never adopt or mandate a particular religion. But, the stunning fact is that this is exactly what America’s government has done!

Nearly everywhere on our Founding Documents and old Capital buildings is the undeniable historical evidence of God’s influence in our government: It is clearly hand-written in old ink on old parchment and and it is deeply inscribed in the stones of Washington D.C..

Also, you must know that science has learned some important things about the correlations of religion with the health and welfare of individuals; and by extension, of cultures of individuals.

There is now an abundance of data suggesting that church-going people statistically tend to live longer, be happier, behave better and have a greater sense of well-being than those who do not attend church. Please see for your self:

Of course, researchers and other appropriately critical-thinking observers debate the matters of causality and the generality of these findings. However, these debates will not be settled for a long time, if ever. America’s trajectory of cultural decline over the past 50 years suggests that it is self-destructive to insist upon the resolution of these issues before making obvious logical retro-changes in attempt to recapture better cultural outcomes.

The American Government, due to our own short-sighted voting ignorance, has skillfully adopted and mandated a religion of its own preference using the false propagandistic mantra of “Separation of Church and State”.  The “new” religion is called Secular Humanism. Secular Humanism is the religion of socialists, communists and dictators, I.e., leftist politicians and regimes. This is a religion, in which humans take the place of God. Therefore, secular humanism teaches its followers to subjugate themselves to faith-in , dependency-on and discipleship to a metastasizing all-controlling, dictating central government.

Can you not see that this has been true throughout modern history?!

It is essential that Americans vote for government, at all levels, that will return us to a cultural design that welcomes and rewards the growth of all benevolent religious influences within the social life of our communities.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 1/16/20

Guns, Faith and Culture

February 25, 2018

Guns, Faith and Culture.

It should come as no surprise that traditional morality has declined to pitifully low levels in America. By this, I mean the traditional moral and ethical codes of conduct that are based upon the Judeo/Christian faiths and their derivations.

I have documented the decline of traditional American culture and social conduct in here my blogs since 2009, now approaching 1700 publications. I did the same as a university professor, when I changed my area of research to these matters in the 1980’s. 

There are many corrective laws and encouragements that can be promulgated by our various levels of government. Also, there are those of us who are dedicated to showcasing America’s cultural and social decline. We hope to embolden everyone to fight the forces of our undoing in all available peaceful ways. 

Yet, I struggle with one great fear. This fear is that, no matter what a secular government and an increasingly secular culture and society may do to reverse its own steady decline…nothing will work. 

My grave concern is that nothing will work because there is no compelling reason to forsake the immediate pleasures that a population’s increasingly self-centered (“selfish”) behavior most quickly and most reliably secures.

Without God, and his sacred rules of conduct, there is no compelling reason to abandon our own selfish pleasures in order to only have a chance at securing the long-term benefits to ourselves and perhaps for society at large. What is it that will motivate us all to forestall or give-up immediate rewards in order to benefit others who will succeed us in the distant future?

As a doctoral student, I was trained that there is no such thing as human nature. I now know this is false.

Humans prone to pursue their own short-term rewards. They prefer that these rewards come faster not slower and larger not smaller. They also prefer that they come on a thicker schedule of occurrence,  that they come with greater convenience and less pain.

Humans also love to control the odds that their rewards will become bigger and faster, etc., and that means that they will strive to control their physical, social, political and geopolitical environs. Humans are prone to use their powers to reward, hurt or kill others to achieve these ends.

Unless there is some powerful counter-controlling force, they will use whatever methods most immediately provide these things that  human animals tend naturally covet.

Within any society, it takes a mighty powerful generally accepted  belief system to motivate its inhabitants to conduct themselves accordingly and to acculturate their children to do likewise.

Historically, mighty powerful belief systems have come in the form of a society’s chosen God, who must be obeyed in order that individuals and their society can gain favor and avoid a myriad of  terrifying cataclysmic events.

Often this Godly influence has been augmented by political leaders, kings, or dictators who use their God’s rules to control their population through the threat of slavery, banishment, imprisonment or execution. Many kings and dictators have even commandeered the status of a God in order further enhance their mighty powerful control of their subject’s beliefs and behavior patterns.

Since the Founding of America, a particularly pro-social and peaceful God has shaped the development of the United States. The attendant belief system is composed of Judeo/Christian precepts and rules for personal conduct defined good and evil behaviors for the worshiping majority of Americans.

Secular forces and political leftists  have relentlessly attacked this undeniable truth and have increasingly lied and propagandized to impose their own religion upon America. This failed religion is secular humanism and its “god” is humanity itself.

Though it has lost much of its power, the Judeo/Christian God-Based belief system has been so interwoven into the fabric of American culture, that it was also woven into the fabric of its Constitutionally based Representative Republic Government.

This assertion is incontrovertible. I hope you will read one, or both of the following two books to understand the undeniable true font of America’s Greatness.

1. Rediscovering God in America, by Newt Gingrich

2. One Nation Under God, by  David Gibbs with Jerry Newcombe

America’s Founding religious beliefs guaranteed HUGE fairly immediate and also deferred spiritual CONSEQUENCES for engaging in good or evil (bad) behaviors during one’s lifetime. Believers were promised the love and favor of God during their life-times. Also, huge delayed consequences were promised, heaven if one will believe and follow the Ten Commandments; hell if one did not. A strong belief in the personal and social advantages of God exerts, both then and now, strong peaceful and pro-social influences over human behavior.

Even if a strong belief in God begins to fade for the reasons stated above, the behavior patterns learned under this Godly belief system can persist for a time with some strength. 

But for the generations that follow, without the sustaining religious belief system that sustains good behaviors and reduces bad population acts…the rate of selfish, short-sighted, hedonistic and corrupt behavior will increase with each successive generation.

This, I believe, is what we are witnessing in America and all around the developing world. The common denominator of these trends appears to be the growth of science-based beliefs and technologies that bolster human’s confidence in the their own ability to increasingly control their environments and other important events in their daily lives.

The majority of us appear to love science-based modern technologies and the amazing advantages and conveniences that we enjoy.

Sadly, these technological “gifts”  appear to be powerfully undermining the moral/ethical behavior of America.

The the thing I fear the most is that it is the proliferation of science-based technologies that have led to the growth of secular humanism and socialism leading to destructive forms of narcissism for leaders and extreme dependency and helplessness for followers. All of this correlating with increasing sociopathic/antisocial behavior for all.

I suspect that this self-destructive cycle has, along with other killing influences,  spelled the downfall of developing societies (a relative concept), for all time. 

All living things are born, they live for a while, and then they die. So it also has been with cultures. 

In the past I have fantasized that cultures, particularly America, can teach themselves how to live with increasing health for longer and longer intervals of time.

Now, and I hope I am wrong, my happy fantasy seems to be logically flawed. If it is ever to occur, even temporarily, it may take another of our great national tragedies to bring America again to its vital roots…roots that can only be found on our knees in prayer. 

I endorse the importance of the following article and hope you will give it your close attention.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/25/18

America’s Mandated Worship of Humankind

January 20, 2014

America’s Mandated Worship of Humankind

In previous blogs, I have detailed many of the reasons that Marxist/Socialist sociocultural designs fail, and there are many. In general, these reasons for failure have implied that Marxist/socialist ideologies run counter to human nature and that they sap the morality, magnitude, perseverance, creativity and productivity from the behavioral potential of the populations living under these maladaptive rules (i.e., metacontingencies).

These arguments are as true and they are based upon the repeated observations of world history, and now, modern American history.

From a science of psychology perspective, it could not be different. If we ask why Marxism and socialism will always fail, the answer might be that all political systems eventually fail, i.e., they all carry the seeds of their own destruction within their designs.

While this could be true, it is too early for humankind to accept this as “Revealed Truth”. After all, humankind has never used the principles of the science of psychology to aid them in the design a culture, or perhaps the fine-tuning of a successful cultural design. In my view, the closest than any socioculture has ever come to a science of human psychology-based cultural design was the miraculously prescient design of America’s Constitution and the national experiment that exploded into world dominance within 200 years of its creation.

It is a fact that our Founding Fathers were almost all men of Faith. They knew that for their Constitutional Design to work, its governance had to be predicated upon a firm base of compatible moral codes among the governed. These population faith-based moral codes were superficially different, but profoundly similar, in that they were cut from Judeo/Christian Protestant cloth. In the past, I have written about the superiority of a Faith-Based moral code over a purely humanistic one and I judge that history, as well as important principles of psychology, have proved the case.

The Founding Fathers understood that governmental aversive suppression (fines, exclusion, imprisonment, torture, or execution) for citizen’s Faith-based beliefs and their thinking, writing, reading and saying what they wished would eventually lead to insurrections, escape, or the overthrow of the government. A psychological principle is that severe aversive control of human behavior creates a variety of diagnosable human psychopathologies, as well as displaced aggression and counter aggression.

Contrary to the propaganda of revisionists, (i.e., separation of Church and State), forbidding prayers or religious symbols in public schools and on other public properties, such choices were originally to be left to the States and their local communities. Such choices, activities and symbols were never to be forbidden by the Federal Government.

Sadly, from a psychological perspective, without the important effects of associational learning as well as reinforcing,  modeling and imitation influences of local community religious traditions and rituals, both within and also outside of churches, America’s moral and ethical behavior has eroded over-time. Can you not see this happening?

The Framers intended the American Constitution to protect the citizens from a Federally adopted and imposed or mandated religion, not to protect them from the public display of their own religiosity and attendant codes of ethics.

The effect of this “progressive”  bastardization of the meaning and intent of America’s Constitution was not to place religion in its proper place, i.e., the churches and the confines our homes. It was predictably, to supplant America’s traditional religions with a new one. This new religion is and atheistic secular humanism.

Secular humanism is the preferred religion of socialists and communists because it focuses a population’s faith in human intelligence and the power of a government of humans to achieve utopian levels of goodness and equality for all. It is the ultimate deceit, and also the ultimate conceit , that America’s Federal Government would outlaw the public practice of its traditional religions and mandate the public practice of humankind’s worship of itself.

VTM, 1/20/14

More Killed In Name of Religion?!

January 5, 2012

More Killed In Name of Religion?!

I have heard this statement flippantly and confidently quipped by many. Much as if it is a self-evident Truth. I have heard this said, in all seriousness, by those who consider themselves to be religious people.

I generally dispute these statements. My first concern is where is the evidence of this and who did the math to prove that slanderous assertion. The answer is normally a passing reference to the Crusades or the Inquisitions. The debate then fades to what is essentially a matter of incalculable clashing, but incalculable opinions.

I want to thank Gonzo for sending me the following article. It provides some interesting (though I am sure, debatable) logic and  statistics with which to arm one’s self when debating the “More Killed By Religion” slander.

Whether you are religious or not, it is your responsibility to evaluate this issue carefully before you enter the debate.

Given the protracted secular humanist war on religion in Europe and America, and the continuing decline of these civilizations, I think the whole of Western Culture is at stake.

Evaluate the following and then have the courage to speak-up!


Why They Attack Organized Religion

October 6, 2011

Why They Attack Organized Religion

Someone recently commented that they believed in God, but did not like “organized religion”. 

Such a choice is a personal matter, of course, so my argument to follow is not so much with an individual as it is with the general issue of organized religion vs. disorganized religion.

Our verbal behavior is commonly influenced by those people who we surround ourselves with. It is common to see our thoughts and what we say change as we go through life. Perhaps, in many cases, it would be more accurate to say that our thoughts and what we say can change as we change our social contexts.

In an academic, progressive or intellectual-elitist social setting it is fashionable to savagely denigrate religion. I witnessed this first hand as a college student and professor for 43 years  For those who cannot bring themselves to go that far, it is acceptable in such circles to criticize “organized religion” and to favor something called “spirituality”. This last vaporous and ethereal idea is politically correct, as defined by the enlightened crowd and so will not, at least at this moment in time, invite punishment via humiliation and social censure. The fact is that the great majority of our schools and institutions of higher learning discourage traditional organized religion and they punish individuals who display its signs, symbols, and religious concepts.

I have wondered why organized religion and its symbols are targeted for unrelenting attack by the liberal elites, socialists, communists and the media. The answer is clear to me.

Organized religion influences human behavior in directions antithetical to secular humanistic/progressive philosophy and its political movements. In other words organized religion threatens the power of these ideologies and social movements to control the behavior of their “parishioners”. These, after all, are evangelistic political movements, no less religious and organized than what they are calling “organized religion” in America–which once was the norm. That is, “once was the norm” before the organized secular humanistic/progressive religion significantly damaged and weakened our other organized religions.

So, if we frame this issue as a battle between two classes of organized religions. The question becomes: which one is better for individuals, families and cultures?

The fact is that traditional organized religions normally teach their adherents an organized moral code of conduct that strengthens them, their families and their culture. The religion of secular progressivism teaches a disorganized, relativistic, situational moral code that leads individuals, families and cultures into the time-worn traps of hedonism, narcissism, selfishness, and ungoverned sexuality with all of its destructive outcomes.

There is a significant and growing body of research that demonstrates that involvement in organized religion is predominantly good for children and adults. Participation in organized religion is associated with better mental and physical health.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/6/11

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