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Stop Islamic Immigration! #4

February 16, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #4

Below you will find Reverend Keith Newland appealing to America to wake-up to the fact of Muslim activism in America. 

Those of us that have taken time to investigate the Islamic cultural assault on Europe and the amazing success they have had in their political and violent Jihad efforts there, are simply stunned at their success,

Many knowledgeable observers state that Europe is now lost to this diabolical, deviously intelligent and well-organized Islamification of this Mother-Land of Western Civilization.

Given the astonishingly high Islamic birth rates compared to indigenous Europeans, it does appear that without radical deportation methods, and perhaps violent conflict, Europe is on its way to being a giant extension of the power of Islam in the world.

I believe that similar methods have been implemented in America and are now gathering power with frightening speed. Watch closely and you will easily see that Islamic Jihad is using our own Constitution to gain political and legal power in America. In doing so, the petitions and influences of the Islamic world-Theocracy will soon encumber and eventually shackle freedom, happiness and productivity in America.

It will be a death to America of “A Thousand Cuts” to its life-blood: Individual Freedom and Liberty!

As Thomas Jefferson commonly used these terms, “Freedom” meant to be free from something and “Liberty” meant to be free to do something.

Please see Reverend Newland’s video below. I have added some important articles below to substantiate his and my own grave concerns for America.

Reference articles.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/16/17

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