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Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: American Racism

June 18, 2018

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: American Racism

Thanks to Prager University we have the data with clear explanations about Racism in America. 

Perhaps you are in for a big surprise!

I suspect that many will not be surprised, but rather will be upset because their political race-baiting methods will be revealed in this informative video.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/18/18

The Lying and Deceitful Business of Racism

July 30, 2013

The Lying and  Deceitful business of Racism

The death of Trayvon Martin and the liberal media “assassination” of George Zimmerman has produced the most honest “conversation about race” that I have ever seen.

I remember the day, when if an adult asked a 17 year-old what he was doing, the answer would have been a respectful explanation rather than a potentially lethal attack upon the adult. But, that was in an America, lost sometime before the 1960’s.

Perhaps some good will come from the truth about America’s contemporary Black Culture and its near constant allegations of racism, finally being spoken by courageous individuals.  These stalwarts are not intimidated by the label “racist!” hurled at them by lying and deceitful flim-flam-huckster race-baiters like President Obama, Attorney General  Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the liberal media, and others too numerous to list here.

Race-baiting is a big and lucrative business in America. It is also a diabolical political ploy designed to subjugate and segregate minority voting blocks that will feed the growing power of the liberal/progressive Democratic Party.

The truth about race problems in America will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

VTM, 7/30/13

The Obama Administration: Justice in America?!

April 1, 2012

The Obama Administration: Justice in America?!

I certainly do not know what happened in this lethal Zimmerman/Martin situation. You don’t either. I refuse to take sides until a full investigation is completed and the results are made public.

In America, Justice is supposed to be blind, favoring no one: The rich/poor, Black/White/Hispanic, etc. 

The Black Panthers are calling for murder to avenge the death of the black young man. This is the same group that stood  in front of a polling place during recent elections with clubs, intimidating  white conservative voters. the same Black Panthers that our government refused to investigate for possible prosecution for this breach of American Law.

The America Nation of Islam is threatening violence.

 Black leaders and political/economic shake-down artists are outraged and marching in the streets. 

Other blacks are calling for revenge and threatening the shooter’s family.

Conditions are ripe for another “Rodney King-style” violent and murderous riot.

Where are they…. all these back leaders , when the vast majority of homicides are black on black?

Where are they when it is black murder of innocent whites?

Where is the media under these circumstances?

Where are they all when it is a Muslim officer on a military base named Fort Hood, killing 12 of  our innocent military personnel in the name of Allah?! They won’t even call him a terrorist…and this terrorist has not even gone to trial yet!

I suggest that they are simply waiting for another opportunity to advance their anti-American cause, and denying all of the realities that do not advance their cause–which is the destruction of America.

It may be a very bad summer and anyone with half of a brain can see that it is so.

So Why Isn’t President Obama and Members of His Administration Calling For Peace, Patience in the Investigative Process, and  Orderly Justice in the American Way?!

In my view, everything is going just as President Obama  has planned. He is  “Transforming America” in the ways taught to him by the architects of historically successful socialistic revolutions.

Look-out! These revolutions frequently succeed, but socialism characteristically crushes itself with its own psychological and socioeconomic weight.

Wake-Up America! Don’t be an April Fool!

It’s not the bacon you smell burning, it’s you.

VTM,  4/1/12

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