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Whoopi Goes Ghetto on Judge Jeanine!

July 23, 2018

Whoopi Goes Ghetto on Judge Jeanine!

Yes, I know, some people will say I am a racist for saying that Whoopi Goldberg “Went Ghetto” on Judge Jeanine who appeared on T.V.’s “The View”. 

These race-baiters can go “jump in the lake”.

Just think for a minute. Sadly, some of all races, obviously whites included, are living in the ghetto. Do the race-baiters not recognize that in the ghetto, if you make someone upset at you, you are at an increased risk of experiencing the exact kind of language and physical intimidation that the judge suffered during Whoopi’s verbal assault upon her after she was INVITED to appear on  “The View”?

Of course they do. But, their strategy is always to deflect criticism away from such punk-like behavior using their age-old method of shouting: “You’re a racist!”

Many nice people, of all races, regrettably live in ghettos. God Bless them and I pray they find a way out to enjoy prosperity. We all should vote for the party that helps them EARN their way out of America’s ghettos. 

Please take the time to see this Un-American incident as it appeared on “The View”.

Then consider the following discussion about this this abusive treatment and profane verbal assault on Judge Jeanine.

Once informed, you can decide for yourself.

I believe that, Whoopi’s actions reflect the essence of the democratic party’s rabid hysteria that is endemic among the leaders of their membership, as well as many members of their electorate.

It is likely that the only reason Whoopi’s out-of-control behavior did not escalate to physical violence was that Judge Jeanine kept her cool and distance and did not respond in-kind.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/22/18

P.S., Call me a racist if you like.  But, I am a behaviorist. For me, B.S. walks and behavior talks. Whoppi’s behavior should get her fired from “The View”, a so-called “panel discussion talk-show”. Conservatives have been fired for much less.


Progressives, Radical Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Race-Baiters: Look-Out for Ben Shapiro!

August 10, 2016

Progressives, Radical Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Race-Baiters: Look-Out for Ben Shapiro!

OK, I will admit it: This title is a little too long.

On the other-hand, it says everything that needs to be said by me.

So, fasten your seat belts and meet Mr. Ben Shapiro.

Now you will understand why he has been banned from speaking at some liberal colleges. Colleges that once upon a time really believed in intellectual freedom, rather than intellectual indoctrination and cognitive slavery.

This is a very important video having to do with the “Black Lives Matter” riots. Please see the truth here and send this blog to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/10/16

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