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“Peaceful Islam” Beheads 14-Yr.-Old for Missing Worship!

March 5, 2016

“Peaceful Islam” Beheads 14-Yr.-Old for Missing Worship!

This is just another reminder of what we are up against. Do not worry, I promise you will not see anything graphic

Ok, there are peaceful members of Islam.

But, you will never know who they are because lying and deceiving are their main methods for winning the bloody wars to convert infidels to Islam.

Never forget that the Islamic word for their conquest and conversion of other cultures and religions through immigration is Hijrah.

Furthermore, never forget that Islam commands the use of lies to further this conquest of infidel cultures.

Seeing should be believing!

America: Your ignorance is suicidal.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  3/5/16



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