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Stop Islamic Immigration! #10

February 27, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #10

The following is an example of what America has faced when it asks pointed questions about the bestiality of Theocratic Islam and its constant atrocities perpetrated against innocent people, especially Jews and Christians.

America; it is a central part of Islamic Jihad to lie to and deceive the infidels…that is, anyone who is not Islamic. If we do not wise-up, what is illustrated in the video below will eventually tie our democracy into a Gordian Knot from which there will be no escape without massive deportations and likely violence.

I do not recommend that you watch this whole video because it goes nowhere but in a circle of lies, deceptions and savage rationalizations. Just click forward, from time to time, to learn the true nature of the scurrilous spokes-persons for Theocratic, Jihadist Islam.

Then support Stopping Islamic Immigration to America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    2/27/17

P.S., Tomorrow I will prove the Islamic strategy of lying and cheating infidels, in order to spread Islam (Establish the Caliphate).

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