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Big Differences Between “Leftists” and “Liberals”

September 4, 2018

Big Differences Between “Leftists” and “Liberals”

I have just been “schooled” on the difference between “The Left” and traditional American Liberalism. This was a lesson I badly needed.

I have been equating the left with liberalism and in doing so, I have done a disservice to many American Liberals. Though I work hard to do my research and stay informed on these matters, I have often failed to make this important distinction. 

I apologize and I will no longer make that mistake.

Although I will still not vote for traditional American liberals, I have liberal friends who I like,  respect, and whose friendship I value very much.

I judge that clean and healthy competition between liberal and conservative America-loving political influences have the best chance of keeping America close to that “sweet spot” on the sociopolitical continuum most likely to insure our society’s long-term success in competition for survival among our world of cultures.

I will now more carefully reserve my vitriol and deep animosity for those who, no matter what they may call themselves (liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, revolutionaries, antifa, anarchists, etc..) should more correctly be labeled as “Leftists“.

The problem is that many political leftists camouflage themselves with more palatable labels. For example, leftists frequently call themselves liberals and progressives. They then work in devious and illegal ways to implement leftist practices in order to incrementally “Transform America” into a socioculture that our Founding Fathers and the patriots of their day never meant America to become. 

In fact such leftist “transformations” of America would be the realization of our Founding Father’s very worst nightmarish outcomes for us all!

It is incontrovertible that leftists are the arch-enemies of America’s freedoms for all of its citizens. The freedoms that our patriots have fought and died to achieve and protect from the very beginnings this nation’s great and noble 241-year-plus experiment “Liberty for All”!

Please see the following presentation by Prager U to further understand the differences between true American liberals and the Leftists among us and elsewhere.

I ask that you to please send this important video by Dennis Prager to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/4/18

Why Trump Snubbed the Correspondent’s Dinner

April 30, 2018

Why Trump Snubbed the Correspondent’s Dinner.

Maybe I am just and old-fogy.

But a nightmarish medusa, at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner; a truly dirty woman, repeatedly slandered Trump and members of his administration.

This was a terrifying bill-board advertisement for the methods of secular-leftist-radical-liberal “progressives”; and so were the happily applauding moneys who now call themselves journalists.

I thought to characterize the insulting female speaker, with whose name I will not mar my blog, as profane.

But, calling this individual profane would be like calling a cow-plop a pile of blended hay.

So I will characterize this woman-from-hell’s presentation as: vulgar, foul, crude, indecent, filthy, pornographic, smutty and as slutty as she was.

I will probably be condemned as judgmental (noting the decline in America’s standards of morality) but, I believe that justice would best be served by President Trump suing this imitation of a “lady” (verses “gentleman”) for slander.

I would personally be overjoyed!

Patriots must watch this video in its entirety to appreciate the morally depraved nature of both the speaker and the many who happily applauded this debacle at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

You absolutely must see the entire video below to grasp the true nature of just one Deep State sector of America’s Great Undoing.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/30/18

Progressives, Radical Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Race-Baiters: Look-Out for Ben Shapiro!

August 10, 2016

Progressives, Radical Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists, Race-Baiters: Look-Out for Ben Shapiro!

OK, I will admit it: This title is a little too long.

On the other-hand, it says everything that needs to be said by me.

So, fasten your seat belts and meet Mr. Ben Shapiro.

Now you will understand why he has been banned from speaking at some liberal colleges. Colleges that once upon a time really believed in intellectual freedom, rather than intellectual indoctrination and cognitive slavery.

This is a very important video having to do with the “Black Lives Matter” riots. Please see the truth here and send this blog to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/10/16

The Diversity Perversity and Bad Stuff In America

June 15, 2016

The Diversity Perversity and Bad Stuff In America

The left in America is not under the control of data, history and failure or success. In short, they are not under the control of reality!

That is, they are not under the control of any reality…other than that which leads to their greater control of an increasingly dysfunctional, demoralized and dependent population. 

There are many causes of America’s cultural decline but,  radical liberal/progressive ideology is powerfully catalytic to all of them.

Leave it to my favorite living economist, Thomas Sowell, to put all of this in a simple, clear, and straight-forward letter to America!

Please read the following and send it to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/15/16

How the passing of CIFTA will lead to the repeal of our 2nd amendment rights

January 29, 2010

The following is a comment by Frank Fujita, Ph.D.. 
January 27, 2010 at 12:58 PM

Okay, the treaty, CIFTA — is being supported by the Obama Administration. The text of the treaty is here — — I didn’t know that our Senator Lugar was an opponent of 2nd amendment rights — and I don’t see anything in the text of the treaty that appears to restrict legal gun ownership.

On the NRA website, no reasons are given to describe how the treaty will reduce our rights, except to say that it will be used by 2nd amendment opponents. Well, the US post office will be used by 2nd amendment opponents, but we aren’t talking about closing the post office.

Please describe how the passing of CIFTA will lead to the repeal of our 2nd amendment rights, and how you will work to remove Dick Lugar from office for supporting this treaty.


My answer is as follows:

I cannot personally describe how CIFTA will lead to a repeal of our Second Amendment.  I am just a psychologist, not an attorney of national or international law.  So I turn to those, who I trust and who know much more about his threat than I do.

The following is taken from The First Step In Trampling Our Rights ( pps. 8 & 55, Published by the NRA in America’s 1st Freedom, Feb. 2110).

“Details of the Obama/Clinton-endorsed treaty—-which has not yet  been finalized—will surely include international monitoring and control of every aspect of firearm commerce and ownership in the United States” (p. 8).

“Literally all of the international gun confiscation groups couch their renewed U. N. treaty efforts in terms of what they call ‘human rights.’ But in the newspeak lexicon of the U.N, ‘Human rights’ doesn’t mean the right to self-defence as we know it.”

“But armed self-defense by private citizens—of any nation– is specifically not a ‘human right’ under the U.N. charter” (p. 55).

Barbara Frey, the director of the Human Rights Program in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota contributed the following to the U. N. 2007 Human Rights Council:

“Self-defence is sometimes designated as a ‘right’. There is inadequate legal support for such an interpretation….No international human right of self-defence is expressly set forth in the primary sources of international law: treaties, customary law or general principles….International law does not support an international legal obligation requiring  States to permit access to a gun for self-defence” (p. 55).

“The right of self-defence in international law is not directed toward the preservation of lives of individuals…it is concerned with the preservation of the State (p. 55).


There is more to the NRA article that should raise great concern among those who not only support our 2nd amendment, but understand that “progressive/liberal forces have always moved to undermine this unique American right.

In my view, it would be the height of naivete’ to surrender any part of our sovereignty on this issue, or any others, to the U.N..

I am aware that there are counter-arguments to my opposition to CIFTA. This matter is very complex,  many variables are unspecified and I do not intend to resolve this issue on my blog.

I have observed in many years of living, and as a psychotherapist, that once trust is lost, it is very hard to earn back. With all due respect, I do not trust either the Republicans or the  Democrats at this time— but I trust the liberal progressives least of all.

I recommend a review of the following to review even more specific reasons to not abrogate our sovereignty to the U.N. and the rest of the world. Please Google this issue for a more complete analysis of the imponderables that require our trust.

With regard to Dick Lugar, my wife and I will simply not vote for him if he does not embrace the 2nd. Amendment and the sanctity of our national sovereignty.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/29/10

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