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Communism = Starvation = Bizarre Foods

March 28, 2020

Communism = Starvation = Bizarre Foods

This should be a no-brainer!

Of course, there are other causes, but historically, Socialism and Communism have yielded poverty, starvation, death and disease.

Poverty and starvation, over many generations can yield very bizarre appetites and eating habits the among surviving populations.

So, why would anyone expect that bizarre “foods” would not populate their market places?!

They do. See for yourself!

10 bizarre foods of China.

10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China

Also, they really do eat bats in China!

See why eating bats is a very dangerous thing for humans to do.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/28/20

The Marriage Penalty

September 25, 2009

The Marriage Penalty

Two Professors of accounting wrote an excellent opinion piece in the 9/24/09 issue of the South Bend Tribune (South Bend, In).

In this article, Claude Renshaw and Ken Milani explain that the marriage penalty happens when  individuals get married and thereby lose substantial tax credits.

I quote from their article:

“In our opinion, federal income tax provisions that create a hurdle to getting married are unfair to the people involved and unhealthy for a society that already has too many people co-habitating instead of living as husband and wife.”

In another quote, they state:

“Studies continue to report that one of the contributing causes of poverty, illegitimacy, crime, inadequate education and other socioeconomic challenges can be traced to the absence of two married, committed parents in a family. Our current income tax laws don’t seem to help and actually create a hurdle to getting married—or cause a horrible surprise when the newly married couple files their first tax return as husband and wife.”

The one of the great laws of psychology is the Law of Effect. This law states that consequences control behaviors.

You and I allow our government to financially reward those who cohabit and have children out-of-wedlock. We allow our government to financially punish those who marry and have children.

In the meantime we all suffer the social ills that this fragmentation of our vehicle to a better future (married parents and their children) predictably cause.

From a psychological-cultural design perspective, punishing married families with children and rewarding non-married cohabitation and births-out-of-wedlock  is a stupid and self-destructive thing for America to do.

VTM, 9/25/09

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