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We Have Lost America

September 30, 2021

The following is a powerful comment that a reader sent to me. My reply follows her remarks.

Claudia’s comment:

I certainly believe America has passed the point of no return. Long ago. We conservatives must face up to this fact and get our heads out of the sand. Things will keep getting worse and nothing will ever restore us to the nation we once were. As older conservatives die off our Army of great people gets smaller and weaker. There isn’t much we can do when voters elect people like Nancy and Maxine over and over.

We have to realize that the MSM is the voice that’s killing us. MSM is public enemy no. 1. For anybody to believe China Joe was a better pick than Trump has to have been spoon fed outrageous lies that so blinded them they couldn’t see how much better we were with President Trump than 8 years of Obama/Biden. Inflation is fast reading it’s ugly head to eat away our hard earned money.

We have lost the America our Founding Fathers built. It is lost and it’s never going to return. Even if there was a miracle and Trump was elected in 24 it would do nothing but slow down the inevitable. If you can afford it, put your children into private schools. If not, work closely with them at home and teach them the values of old.

My Reply:

Dear Claudia, Your post took my breath away. I subconsciously know, in my bones, that you are spot on with your assessment. I have never put it so succinctly. It is so true that I cannot recognize the culture we have become, having been born in 1942. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and posting your views. Tom

Indeed, we have “Lost the America that our Founding Fathers built”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/30/21

Freedom’s On the Line: Vote Republican!

November 6, 2018

Freedom’s On the Line: Vote Republican!

Do not sit back, your vote is essential. The radical socialists are making headway and are poised to move America beyond the point of no return.

VTM, 11/5/18

Cultural Decompensation (Decline)

December 8, 2009

Cultural Decompensation (Decline)

It is likely that once the process of cultural decompensation reaches an uncalculated, but certainly existent threshold of synergism, the condition is beyond remedy: tantamount to the “horse with a broken leg.”

 V. Thoma Mawhinney, Ph.D.    3/5/98

A Science of Human Behavior Is Essential

September 14, 2009

A Science of Human Behavior Is Essential

The Following quote is taken from Recent Issues in the Analysis of Behavior, by B. F. Skinner. This book was published in 1989 by Merrill Publishing Co.

“Nothing short of a better understanding of human behavior will solve our problems, and I still believe that this means better science and technology. Whether they will evolve in time is the ultimate question. Those who are unhappy about scientific solutions sometimes assure us that we shall solve our problems in other ways when they are bad enough, when the immediate consequences are no longer reinforcing and the remoter ones have been sampled. But it is in the nature or overpopulation, the exhaustion and pollution of the environment, and a nuclear war that “bad enough” is a point of no return.”

VTM, 9/14/09

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