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The Monarchical State of America

July 7, 2014

The Monarchical State of America

Our Founding fathers were fearful of Monarchies. The world had not yet seen a democratically derived Constitutional Representative Republic. It was then, and still is, an amazing experiment in political arts and sciences.

Our Founding fathers remained fearful that even within their fledgeling Constitutional Republic that without constant vigilance, a Monarchy, or Monarchy-like government could evolve.

Well, over the past two centuries the Federal Government has constantly gained power over the States and over America’s citizens. The progression has led to the election of a President that promised to “Transform America”. The Transformation is nearing completion. President Obama’s Presidency is now achieving Monarchy-like powers. We are witnessing the worst fears of our Founding Fathers come true.

All the more frightening is that the sheeple (i.e., the ignorant, suckling, timid people) of the United States are doing nothing to defend their Liberty from complete governmental subjugation.

President Obama has found ways, as he has said he would, to circumvent Congress with his “pen and phone”.  He has now repeatedly chosen to not enforce federal laws, and he is using tyrannical means to achieve his extra-constitutional progressive goals.

This is the same President who swore to “Uphold the Constitution” of the United States. I therefore charge him with treason and  demand that he be tried and punished for his scurrilously dishonest transgressions against the United States. If you think I am over-reacting, you are flat wrong. Just see the following:

The following are only several examples of on of the most recent grave and destructive Constitutional transgressions related to irrevocably changing the make-up of the American electorate in favor of socialism, economic ruin, and a permanently dependent underclass.

A clear and undeniable attempt to destroy America’s cohesive cultural make-up and defining traditions.

Please take some time to see what you think.

Have you had enough of this?

Vote very Conservative!

Threatening and Intimidating Professionals:

Blocking Congressional Evaluation:

Flooding America with Criminals:

V. Tom Mawhinney,  7/7/14

Obama’s Unconstitutional Presidency

February 14, 2014

Obama’s Unconstitutional Presidency

I hope you will join the Heritage Foundation. I believe they “shoot straight” with regard to political issues and other sociocultural concerns.

One recent article, published by them, documents seven unconstitutional actions that have been taken by our dictatorial President. They note that many more are on the thin edge of illegality, but remain debatable.

From my perspective there is absolutely nothing to debate when it comes to the central poisonous feature of this Presidency: An administration saturated with cunning deceitfulness and blizzards of bald-faced lies…now transitioning to bold lawlessness.

He called his quest “Transforming America”. I call it destroying America.

Please evaluate the following: Have you had enough? Vote very conservative!

VTM, 2/14/14

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