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Obama’s Effects Upon American Blacks

August 15, 2011

Obama’s Effects Upon American Blacks

I have written about Walter Williams’ Book entitled, Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?

The thesis of that book is simply that certain economic/social designs benefit minorities and certain ones do not. The free market and democracy offers roads to prosperity to all, independent of race, color or creed.  No other economic or political design does better. Some do very much worse.

Now to President Obama.  Obama’s political ideology is Marxist/socialist and he is laying the groundwork for its ascendency in America with great skill and ingenuity. Many have concluded that he is “in over his head” and incompetent, but they are tragically wrong.  Obama is not in over his head, America with Obama as president is. Obama deceived the electorate, exactly as he was trained to do by socialist revolutionary Saul Alinsky’s play book.  He is now doing exactly what he intended to do: “Transforming America” (read, Destroying America).

Perhaps no one person since George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has ever had a more transformational impact upon America than President Obama has had in the first half of his Presidency. That requires political genius: Evil though his is.

My friend and fellow blogger, Gonzo,  forwarded the following audio interview to me. I implore you to listen to its entirety.

Hear what President Obama is doing to all of us, especially black Americans and black  businesses, from the authoritative perspective of the President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Allford.

Then go to the polls each and every time they open and motivate your friends to also go. Take back America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,     8/1511

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