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“Give Thanks” to The Real Deplorable!

November 9, 2017

“Give Thanks” to The Real Deplorable!

The following written document was sent to me by a fellow patriot. Please read it carefully.

I believe that this an accurate survey of much of the great damage that Barack Obama has done to America during his Presidency.

I just heard Rush Limbaugh make the argument that the reason Democrat Donna Brazile is trashing the Clinton’s in her new book and news media appearances is she knows that with them running the DNC, they will fail in again in 2020.

Rush then stated that he judged it was most likely that the DNC will present Michelle Obama as its nominee for President in 2012.

If the prospect of four-to-eight more years of Obama politics in America does not terrify you, few things will.

This article is purportedly written by “Joe the Plummer”. I do not know that it is true, or is not. But, why would it matter who wrote a blog if it was the truth!

I will apologize for the photo of Trump and Obama and the childish implications of the attempted “humor” (distasteful as it appears to be). I was unable to censor the picture. It has nothing to do with the valuable historical information provided.

See what you think!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  11/9/17

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